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Axis label text wrap

Axis label text wrap

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I am trying to force my axis category labels in a line graph to wrap to 2 or more lines. I tried entering the alt-enter line break in the label's source cell. The line break shows in the source cell, but no change is showing in my chart. Any other

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X-Axis word wrap

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

Is there a way to turn off the word wrap on the x-axis labels?
I have labels that are relatively long 2-3 words each, but I am not able to find a way to keep the text from wrapping. When a label wraps, it tends to overlap the next labels.
I have plenty of room, but when I resize the chart, at seems to size of the x-axis label area moves proportionally. Can this area be enlarged?

axis wrap text

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

When I create bar chart with relatively long labels for categories on Y (left) axis the program by default puts the label in one line. This means that sometimes half of my screen is occupied by labels (i.e. "exchange of cell phone ring tones") and the other half are the actual bars. This gets pretty annoying when I have only few categories and the labels could easily be written in 3 or even four lines.
Do you have any ideas hor to force the program to write labels in "wrap text" mode?
P.S. Another thing that's bothering me is the default "auto scale" option
for text in charts. Is there any way to turn it off?

possiblity to set data label in bar chart to "no wrap"??

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

is there a possibility to display the data label in one line (- NO WRAP) the label position is "inside base" and the label should just NOT wrap
(but it automatically does )

Anomaly with Chart Labels

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

From what I can gather it isn't possible to resize the labels on a scatter plot. My problem I have is that the X-axis sizes itself correctly to display all of the text, however, my Y-axis does not do this. Even if I put the exact same text for both labels the Y-axis cuts the text short. Furthermore it doesn't seem to related to the length of the text in the label. In almost every case it is the last two letters which are cut off. I have used excel for years and never ran into this problem. An example of the labels is shown below. Does anyone know why this happens and if there is a way around the problem other than using a text box to replace the label? Any help would be
x-axis label = date of occurrence : Displays = date of occurrence y-axis label = BOD (mg/L) : Displays = BOD (mg

Long Text Won't Wrap Chart X Axis

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have a line chart with long question text that I want to use in the X axis but the text is appears over the top of each other. I have to use this type of chart because that is how the client wants it.

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Advanced line chart applet

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With this advanced line chart applet you can setup an interactive chart of your data. Many advanced features are included, such as a tip text window and curve fitting abilities.
- Smooth bezier curves can be fitted to your data.
- The applet has a tip text measurer, which is activated when the user moves the mouse pointer across the chart.
- An unlimited number of curves are supported and axis ranges are automatically calculated for the curves.
- A color value, label text and tip text description for each line can be specified.
- Supports a background image.
- Specify font type, font size and font style of the text and title.
- You can specify the axis color, text color, title color, selection color, background color, the description text and background color.
- Compatible with any Java compatible browser.

Rotate Label

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Tags: Flash › Excel Buttons

Rotation Labels.. 100% Vector Graphics100% Action Script based animation..Allow to scale any size. You can easy to change everything (color range, icon, mouse pointer hit power, friction etc.) Each starting randomly color.Just copy and paste the your frame! (draggedndropped)..And use it.. You can make funny label, menu and sticker effect.

Barcode Design

Free: No

Barcode Inventory Software application for business generates barcodes to incorporate into packaging, for labels and for shipping. Software easily generates different type of barcodes in a Windows type environment that can be pasted to other applications to create labels, stickers and so on.
Barcode Label Software is a specialized barcode label creator tool which is capable in generating tailor-made barcode labels. Barcode Label Creator has the feature to customize the barcode label with specified standard font, height, width, page layout, label architecture etc. You can fix accordingly the barcode color, barcode size & label size specially. These label creating features makes the software harmonizing with numerous barcode label templates which needs the barcode positioning to be specified corresponding to the template to be printed.

Animated Flash Xml Vertical Menu

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- 100% vector Graphic.
- You can add unlimited links in this menu quickly with xml.
- Easily change link label in xml file.
- Easily change link label text color in xml file.
- Easily change link URL path in xml file.
- Just Drag and Drop in to your project.

PHP Flash contact form mail

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Emailing Forms

- size of the component (width and height in pixels)
- script file to use (you can use your own script instead of our php mailer, it can work with asp, jsp, cf, etc.)
- input field width
- message field height
- Scrolling message text full
- title text
- introduction text (html formatted)
- introduction text padding
- form padding
- contact details text (html formatted)
- set the label (displayed text) for all the fields (Address, e-mail, phone, subject, message)

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