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Average/Offset Function

Average/Offset Function

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I have 15 columns with several hundred rows of data. The last seven columns (I:O), as of now, are weekly hours for employees. Column P is a total for the most recent six weeks. The sum function below always pulls in the most recent six weeks. Column Q is an average column. My second formula below is not working because it is including the total column value. how can I have the formula skip column P when taking the average in column Q? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Average/Offset Function...Please help!

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I have 10 columns, with several hundred rows of data. The last six columns are employee hours (by week). Each week I add an additional column (after one year I will have 52). I have an average column, but I always have to go in and re-do the formula to reflect the most recent six weeks. Is there a way I can set up a formula so the average column always reflects the average of the most recent six weeks?
I'm thinking offset.

Average + Offset?

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Tags: Excel ›

I have a sheet that has the months along the top and the values in rows. Every month, I need to calculate an average of the past two months. Every month I am also inserting a new month column so I always have to update my average. I think OFFSET can help but I'm not really understanding it.
My Average cells are always 2 columns from the first value to average and 3 away from the other. The rows don't matter I don't think. I just drag the formula down to average each row independently.
Any help appreciated. Extra info about how the function works in the formula you provide would be well loved!

OFFSET Function And Averages

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

with a formula that would OFFSET an Average formula.
A1: 1
A2: 2
A3: 3
A4: 4 B4:=AVERAGE(A1:A4)
A5: 5 B5:=AVERAGE(A1:A4 & A6) Skip A:5-This is where the OFFSET would be added.
A6: 6 B6:=AVERAGE(A1:A5 & A7) Skip A:6-This is where the OFFSET would be added.
A7: 7 B7:=AVERAGE(A1:A6 & A8) Skip A:7-This is where the OFFSET would be added.

Conditional Average for Offset defined array

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I want to calculate the average scores for a group of students based on gender. However the array of values I feed into the AVERAGE() function needs to be defined with OFFSET.
Here's what I have:
Column F holds the gender flag and column DA the scores.

Combining Average, Offset & Vlookup

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

Excel users and Experts,
I'm trying to lookup a value in a list, and average the four values 1 column to the right and -4 rows high. This formula does that.
The F9 is a cell in the list column and I want to replace F9 with a vlookup or a lookup or a match where the lookup or match reference is supplied by a dropdown in B2.
These do not work and error out. Tried index & match but also failed miserably . A Google search danced all around what I need.

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