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Automatic sorting

Automatic sorting

Price: FREE

Please can someone tell me if it is possible to automatically sort data in the same column?

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Automatic Sorting without Macros

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I've tried looking for a solution to my problem on the forums but it seems that all suggestions involve macros and for reasons that I will explain I need a solution that doesn't use macros.
I require a worksheet that sorts itself according to 2 columns - 1. Date 2. Alphabetically. I can obviously do this but I would ideally like it to sort itself everytime a new line of data is entered. It doesn't need to be automatic- if there were one button to press to make the worksheet update that would be fine.
I can't use macros because this document needs to me shared on Google Docs, which won't allow macro enables worksheets to be uploaded.
Does anybody have a simple solution to this?

automatic sorting

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I have many columns of corresponding data, I was wondering if there was a way to not only sort one column but have the corresponding data in other columns sort with it. I need an automatic sort because the data is to be refreshed frequently and the actual sort a list command is not reasonable. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated, I am co-op and could use all the

Automatic Sorting

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I was wondering if there is a way to automatically sort from an input sheet to an output sheet.
On the output sheet, there would be three different tables that the data went into, based off of their category
Categories include Office Expense - Meals, Office Expense - Groceries, and Office Expense - Office.
I want to be able to set up an Input table in a separate tab, where you can just type in Date, description (Meals, Groceries, or Office), and amount.
From there, I'd like the hard entered numbers dumped into a breakdown sheet with the three different tables.
Thanks in advance!Excel Help 3_9.xlsx

Might be simple - but not to me. Data transfer and automatic sorting

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

to make my first post a question but I'm in at the deep end with poor excel knowledge.
If just been handed a 'project' by my line manager. The idea is to create a system where a workbook will allow a person to enter a few columns of information on a single row in the first sheet. This is then transferred to sheet 2 by excel to an automatically sorted table which would work as a 'log' of events.
I am using excel 2010 and attach an example workbook.
Please help me look less stupid at work! (still on probation.)

Automatic Number & Date Sorting Formula

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I would like to sort the date within a category (can be number or text).
For example, in column A, A1:A5 we have group 801102, while A6:A11, we have group 801103. So we would group all this together. And there's date in column B for each row from B1:B11, yet we will sort column A, then column B.
Then in E2, we would like to find the earliest date in B which belong to group 801102 or 801103.
How to do that automatically with formula?
I've attached an xlxs file, can someone help me?
Merry Christmas &

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Automatic Rss to Twitter

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BNC Automatic Rss to Twitter is using OAuth - the new twitter authentication method that lets you to use apps without storing your password. It will increase security and a better experience.
BNC Automatic Rss to Twitter ( PHP Script ) is the simplest and fastest way to automatically publish any site that has RSS feeds to twitter including blogs and news sites! BNC Automatic Rss to Twitter automatically sends how many tweets you want, at the moment you want, from unlimited feeds.

ASP SupaLinks Ultimate - Automatic Reciprocal Link Exchange

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ASP Supalinks Ultimate is a user-friendly, professional database driven Link Exchange system, it is a fully search engine friendly category and link indexing directory. ASP Supalinks Ultimate includes an automatic reciprocal link checker and automatic Google PageRank checker to automatically approve links. Features include new link notification, ability to manage links as well as manage unlimited hierarchy categories/subcategories. Also you can easily email webmasters with the automatic email sender. A link popularity checker is also included.
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iCaptionate can automatically caption any images you want, without adjusting the page layout as they float or dropdown and uses the title attribute for the caption!
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Automatic Table of Contents for long textFields

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