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Autofill formula down rows, but increment column reference

Autofill formula down rows, but increment column reference

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In Cell G20 I have: =(Sheet4!C8-Sheet4!C7)/Sheet4!C7
In Cell G21 I want: =(Sheet4!D8-Sheet4!D7)/Sheet4!D7
In Cell G22 I want: =(Sheet4!E8-Sheet4!E7)/Sheet4!E7
How do I make it so I can just drag from cell G20 down to make it autofill how I describe above.

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Am trying to autofill a formula and it will not increment down?

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I am trying to create a Year to date section on a set of 12 workbooks with each work book containing data from workdays.In the year to date columns I am using a formula as follows
=SUM(AC5,'U:\Daily Numbers\Daily2008\[0108.xls]Jan31'!$AP$5)
I would like to autofill both to the right and down having the formula increment to the appropriate cell ( ie AP$5) next cell right AQ$5 and next cell down AP$6 and AQ$6
it wont increment.and only copies the existing cell $AP$5.
It seems like we've done this before.but nothing we try seems to get the incrementation we need.

Autofill reference formula but repeating n times before incrementi

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I have one sheet with Col A having 100 numeric values (Item Numbers) In my second sheet, I have 7 rows with variable data in Col A to Col E. I need these 7 rows to repeat for each of the values in sheet 1 (adding the value of the Item Number into Col F).
I.e. have the 7 rows with value of Sheet1!A1 in Col F then repeat the same 7 rows, but this time have the value of Sheet1!A2 in Col F.
Ending up with 700 rows (7 for each Item Number)
I want to drag the row values down, having autofill increment the cell reference to Sheet 1 only after every 7th row.

AutoFill in a macro

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I have inserted a column in a worksheet, with x rows of data either side. I have then input a formula in the first row of the new column, and want to autofill it down to the xth row.
When I write a macro, it always gives a fixed reference i.e. the example I used had 1182 rows of data, so the code said
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("B2:B1182")
How do I change this so that it will always autofill to the correct number of rows, whether it be 5, 1182, or 300?

Autofill should increment sheet number only

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When I drag one formula vertically, auto fill changes the row number automatically.
But I want it to change only the sheet number. How to achieve that?
example of what happens:
example of what I want:

increment formula across rows, while referencing through a single column.

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I have the following excel problem:
I need to get the results of the C column to increment across rows ie:

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