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Autofill default to 'copy cells'?

Autofill default to 'copy cells'?

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Is it possible to change the Autofill setting from 'fill series' to 'copy cells' in Excel 2003? Otherwise I have to keep changing it after each autofill, which is an additional two mouse clicks - not that I'm lazy.just trying to be more efficient

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Turn off AutoFill

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Tags: Excel ›

I want to turn off AutoFill's feature that copies sequences of numbers, etc, but not turn off AutoFill totally.
For example if I input into A1 and A2:
Then use the autofill handle to drag down, in A3 onwards I'll get:
I don't want to turn autofill off completely, as I still want to be able to drag down to copy, I just want it to now auto-increase the number when I drag

Formula doesn't copy correctly

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When I use autofill, the formula doesn't copy correctly. I don't get an error, yet it doesn't display the results. In the cells I autofill, I get the following: $ -
Why is this? How come the autofill displays this?

Suddenly AutoFill defaults to Copy, not Fill

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

This issue is driving me crazy. This forum has provided me a wealth of information on Excel so I'm hoping someone here can help.
I'm using Excel 2011, now reinstalled from scratch, and fully updated. In one document I use, the AutoFill (little box in the lower right corner) now defaults to copying the cells instead of filling them in. I recently installed the latest version of Solver (now uninstalled) but otherwise it seemed to happen spontaneously. I can hold down Control and select fill, but it's tedious and obviously something was changed.
Any thoughts? On new documents it works fine and defaults to Fill as usual.

Auto fill series option as default?

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Tags: Excel ›

Excel 2007 user here. When I'm at work (this may be Excel 2010, I can't remember), I only have to enter the value 1 in a single cell and I can drag down the cell and it will autofill as a series instead of just copying the value 1 all the way down. when I'm at home (Excel 2007), I have to hold the control key as I drag down in order for it to autofill as series. why is this? could it be a difference between Excel 2007 and 2010? Is there a way I can set it so that I don't have to hold down the ctrl key and Excel will by default autofill as series?
I realize this is an incredibly nitpick question, but I am just curious.

Range Autofill

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm using (below) to fill a range of cells with the numbers and formulas in row 9 (works well):
Range("a9:bu9").AutoFill Destination:=Range("a9:bu" & my row)
but I have one column that has the numeric value of 0 and I want this to copy down,
but instead, an arithmetic sequence copies down (0,1,2,3.)
what can I do to stop the sequence and just copy down the 0?

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File Explorer Class

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If you already worked with files and directories in PHP then you will know that the default copy, delete(unlink) functions are ok to use on files but when you want to delete or copy a directory with content in it, its an whole other story. This class gives you the ability to easily delete, create, move, copy files and directories with content.

Replace default index page of a site

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TotalIndex v2.0 is an open source script that is designed to replace the simple, and boring default index page of a site which lists the files in an indexed folder. This script produces a stylish and organized view of the files and folders in an indexed directory. Any folder on your site (including subfolders) can easily be indexed simply by copying a single file to the highest level folder. This script comes with many icons for different file types as well as the ability to easily let the admin add custom icons and file type extensions to the system. TotalIndex comes with many preconfigured style themes to choose from. The script can be installed anywhere on your server and DOESN'T require the use of a database.

Copy to clipboard V1

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Very easy to use. In this third version you can copy to your system clipboard the text contained in a text field and then you can paste it everywere. If you want you can copy a user defined string. You can change the graphic easily by editing the symbols in library. To let it works you just drag and drop it into your flash file

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- your logo and intro text for welcome screen and name for your quiz or company
- color of background, buttons and label
- any number of questions and up to 6 answers for each question
- different comment if answered correctly or not (or default comment) for each question
- different time for answering each question (or default time)
- image for every question
- number of points for each question or default number of points

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- Default color is blue, but you can change the color to turquoise, gray, green, hazel, brown, red, and violet even RANDOM !
- Change each line of the messages to say anything you want.
- The first two lines of text appear immediately. The next line of text appears after 20% is loaded. Then next text appears after 40%, then 60%, then 80%, and then it is ACCESS GRANTED for everyone.
- In the Actionscript you have the option of autoEntry. This is set to false by default, and therefore prompts to click ENTER to exit the preloader and start the actual Flash file. Setting this to true will skip the ENTER button and immediately start your Flash file when it is completely loaded.

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