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auto sequence

auto sequence

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how to make a cell advance numerically

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auto- sequence number based on another column?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

my problem:
column A contains a unique ID # for a well, in other columns are events for that well. Multiple events occur for each well (multiple rows with same unique ID #)
now I need to put into column B, a sequential number counting each event for each well.
I know I did not describe this well so let me try to show
how to auto-generate column B?

[solved]Auto Sequence Date of of previous entry

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

im developing a spreadsheet for end users that will assign the day of the week based off of the date and give feedback based on that. what im looking for is a way to foolproof the spreadsheet so they enter day 0, and excel will auto fill the dates after that to reduce chances of them screwing up (31 days in November, forgetting leap year, etc)
so my sheet looks like this:
a1 = 11/15/2011
a2 = 11/16/2011
a3 = 11/17/2011
what im looking for is a simple statement that will look at cell a3, and apply 11/18/2011 in a4. does something like this exist? non-vba preferred if possible

Turn off auto sequence in fill down?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Want to fill down with the mouse without going to the next number in a sequence;
If A1 is E76D3456-1, I want to copy down using the mouse without
having E76D3456-1 turn into a "dash 2" in A2 but remain as
Either double clicking in the lower right corner, or dragging from the "plus sign".
I've looked through the tools/options, haven't found it yet. Ideas?

Alphanumeric sequence

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

How can I continue this sequence? :
Basically, it's:
The IGSM part will never change & I only want to increment by one every single time.

going through a sequence of numbers

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

im trying to do a sequence of number as shown on the attached excel sheet. im not sure what its called and it be too messy to post without the attachment.
pretty much the idea is for a from 1 to 4 by 1 do b from 1 to 5 by 1. thus the first entry would be {a,b}={(1,1),(1,2),(1,3),(1,4),(1,5),(2,1),(2,2),.}

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Manual Slideshow

Free: No
Tags: JavaScript › Excel Slide Shows

A collection of images can be viewed in any ordered sequence using manual/auto slide show script.
- You can switch to any slide using the manual slider options provided.
- You can also set the size and duration of the image show.
- It supports JPEG, TIFF, BMP and PNG formats.
- Try the manual slide show given below.

No-nonsense sequencer

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Image Galleries

Tired of getting complicated banner rotators and image sequence items implemented properly in your works?
No-nonsense sequencer is a very basic image/swf rotator. It generates a number of pictures or SWF files in sequence, fading in and out. It's bare bone default setup will work in any template, file or website. Simple as that.
All you need to adjust if you want in the XML file is the time to fade in, time to fade out, the path to where the images/swf folders are, and the size of your canvas.
But if you need a few simple extras, you can add a few basic masking transitions, basic reveal movements and ken burns effect, to each item in the sequence individually

Auto Meter Preloader

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Preloaders

Auto Meter Preloader
- only 6kb
- 100% Vector Graphics
- open auto meter perloader.fla
- drag and drop movie clip name preloader from library or stage into your project
- put this in any frame and your content in next frame
- you can use this for _root or _parent or use this inside any movie clip

Cartoon Multicolor Fire

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Animated Cartoons

Cartoon multicolor animated fire sequence. Simple to use, just drag-n-drop.
- Classic frame-by-frame animation.
- Fully vectorized and can be flexible resized.
- Sounded with quality mixed fire loop (wave 44100 included).
- Fire sequence without sound

360 Image Rotate With Zoom Functionality

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Product Viewers

A great piece of code. Great for online stores and product shots. You do need to provide the image sequence. Simply replace the sequence with your item photos and publish. Use -/+ keys to zoom in and out and mouse to spin left or right. This functionality can control anything within the movieclip, such as menus and animations (see animating circle). So let your imagination run wild.

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