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auto- sequence number based on another column?

auto- sequence number based on another column?

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my problem:
column A contains a unique ID # for a well, in other columns are events for that well. Multiple events occur for each well (multiple rows with same unique ID #)
now I need to put into column B, a sequential number counting each event for each well.
I know I did not describe this well so let me try to show
how to auto-generate column B?

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I have a spreadsheet with in the first column names and I want to create an unique sequence number per record name , hope somebody can help with a macro.
So I have this:
And it should be like this:
Name(A), Unique Seqno(B)
2AA, 1
2AA, 2
BB, 1
BB, 2
BB, 3
CC, 1
DD, 1
DD, 2
DD, 3
DD, 4
Looking forward to an answer.

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I have a list of items for multiple people (territories). I would like an Excel formula that would restart a row numbering sequence every time the territory number changes. The simple spreadsheet attached illustrates the results I would like to obtain.

[solved]Auto Sequence Date of of previous entry

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im developing a spreadsheet for end users that will assign the day of the week based off of the date and give feedback based on that. what im looking for is a way to foolproof the spreadsheet so they enter day 0, and excel will auto fill the dates after that to reduce chances of them screwing up (31 days in November, forgetting leap year, etc)
so my sheet looks like this:
a1 = 11/15/2011
a2 = 11/16/2011
a3 = 11/17/2011
what im looking for is a simple statement that will look at cell a3, and apply 11/18/2011 in a4. does something like this exist? non-vba preferred if possible

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how to make a cell advance numerically

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Want to auto fill as follows: 3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
What method works? Can only seem to get sequence on primary number, example:
I want the number to the right of the decimal to change.

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Implement JQUERY prettyPhoto lightbox with ease
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Standards based gallery design
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