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auto populate a calendar template with travel schedules

auto populate a calendar template with travel schedules

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I am attempting to create a tool in excel 2010 that will track travel schedules for a large global team. The tool would auto populate a calendar template with details that are entered on a separate worksheet. The first sheet has 6 columns: Name, Departure Date, Return Date, Location, Purpose, and Role. Once the data is input on the first worksheet, I need to make it visual and populate a calendar template such that the Name, Location, and Purpose are populated on the days corresponding to all days between and including Departure Date and Return Date.
I'm really struggling and any help anyone could give would be appreciated.

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I am working on the project to schedule home visits. I have been trying to populate details in Worksheet (NextVisit) into Calendar but to no avail.
Attached my worksheet for your kind assistance.

Auto-Populating Excel Calendar

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I am looking for an excel calendar that will auto-populate content into it based on a spreadsheet that I fill in.
Maybe I would just need the formula that would be inserted into each calendar day? I'm not sure how you would set this up, but I'm open to suggestions!
For example: The comment "Client 1 - KOM" would populate in a blank calendar in excel on the date 3/23/2009.

Auto Populate Training Schedule in Calendar

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Excel fans
I do not know if it even can be done, but I got this assignment and I am totally stucked.
I worked my way already as far as I could, but now I need help.
I need to populate a "weekly training schedule" from a list of tasks (with the topic, trainer and venue) and a "monthly schedule" (with the task and time).
The monthly schedule must be arranged according to the date and the weekly according to the time.
Additionally, the date in the weekly schedule needs to change according to the week, as I did already for the month.
Thank you so much for your help . I don't know what else to do :-(

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In this photoshop tutorial we will learn how to make a web 2.0 type travel template layout in Adobe Photoshop. Template layout color theme is black, gray and green. The tutorial is explained step by step. I have also used images to explain the tutorial in a easy. With the help of images you can easily understand the tutorial.

Auto-populate Grid

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I have two excel sheets (Source Data) and (Calendar). I am populating "Source Data" by running a report. I need the Start Date and End dates from "Source Data" to populate the correct date cells on my Calendar Grid.
In addition I need my date cells in the Calendar Grid to consist of merged cell data from "Source Data" so when users view the grid they can see the detail of each entry.
Each row represents a room in a hotel. I am trying to display who is in each room, what date they arrive and what date they depart for any given month.
My sheet would typical cover 5 months (December to April).

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ASP Database Appointment Calendar is an appointment calendar to book, show and edit appointments including database support for MSAccess, ODBC and MSSQL databases. This calendar is highly flexible, you can create periodical schedules (i.e., events each 20 minutes, or every hour), as well as changing schedules.
Support for MSAccess, ODBC and MSSQL databases.
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Improved formatting in the public site.
High interactivity: The floating panels are closed automatically when the mouse leaves the calendar's area and the floating panels area.
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a) Web Event Scheduler (PHP) script helps for schedule management in any website.
b) Single Admin with login to manage events.
c) Admin can easily add, update, delete, modify task or schedules.
d) Default sorting of events based on allotted schedule date.
e) Schedules older by 24hrs than current date will be deleted automatically.
g) Easily set any color to calendar header and rows.
h) Calendar size and column size can be dynamically changed.
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