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Auto Numbering a cell on consecutive worksheets

Auto Numbering a cell on consecutive worksheets

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I have a workbook with several worksheets. Each worksheet is an numbered invoice. As I add worksheets, is it possible to have the invoice number automatically displayed in consecutive order?

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Auto numbering is a handy little feature that will search out the next consecutive or random number for you, and as the name suggests, it does it automatically. It then adds that number into the field where the data type is set to 'AutoNumber'.
When talking about Microsoft Access, auto numbering should only be used when you want to create a primary key, but don't want it to have any real significance to it, other than the fact that it is unique.

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I've been working on this all afternoon. Can't find the right solution (if there is one). The attached is a scaled down version of my workbook. What I am trying to accomplish is on the "Combine Item" worksheet. In Column D, the user would enter the same number for the items they want to match. They would enter the number "1" for items they want grouped together, the number "2" for the next group of items, etc., and the cells starting with E4 would autopopulate as 1 for E4 and 2 for E5. The next group of items selected to be grouped together would have the number 3 on the applicable rows in Column D and E6 would autopopulate with the number 3. In case you're wondering, the selection of items to be grouped together would be totally subjective by the user.

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- Calendar can display events in a month grid or days stack.
- Calendar supports multiday events. Meaning the event can be repeated over multiple consecutive days, including over 2 consecutive months if needed.
- Each event can have its own color for easier grouping of the events or you can apply universal color to it.
- Calendar supports Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday layout.
- Each day can have virtually unlimited amount of events.
- Events can be time stamped for users to know when event takes place.
- Event can auto open if its date equals todays date.
- All data is stored in external XML file.
- Width and height are 305px and 405px.

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Auto Meter Preloader
- only 6kb
- 100% Vector Graphics
- open auto meter perloader.fla
- drag and drop movie clip name preloader from library or stage into your project
- put this in any frame and your content in next frame
- you can use this for _root or _parent or use this inside any movie clip

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Complete, commercial strength auto-suggest solution with all the content data embedded. Comes as a ready to go, fully independent application package and does not depend on any third-party service or sources or databases. Quick and easy installation in less than 30 minutes.
Package Includes:
*Auto-Suggest complete pack with Front-End and Back-End packages.
*Back-End with 'General Search Pack' content databases (as implemented in the fully working live demos/trials).
*Documentation with additional design styles and examples.
*Across the site unlimited usage license for 1 domain (or sub-domain).
*Standard technical support

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* TimeLine animation
- No Action Script
* Very easy to use,just drag and drop auto repair to your flash movie
* Libraries and Layers are well organized
* Help file include very easy steps to make changes

TextboxList for jQuery - Auto complete

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TextboxList turns normal text inputs into a widget that can be navigated using the keyboard, effectively turning your input into a "list" of items that can be easily deleted. It comes with an auto-complete plugin.
Provides a facebook style innovative interface for selecting items from an autocomplete that become "tokens", such as usernames, emails and tags.

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