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Auto insert date

Auto insert date

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I have a cell A5 this contains the date manually input and normally a Monday i.e. 06/02/2012 (6th feb 2012)
I then fill in cells B5 B6 B7 etc with customer details that I have visited that day, some days I may have 3 customers some day 5 or 6 customers, after each day I skip a row and start again on a new day @ this point I need to automatically input the next date 07/02/2012 into A8 (but it could be A9 or A10 depends on how many jobs I did the previous day)
Is there anyway that I can automatically have the next available date inserted after a blank row or blank cell.
Using Excel Starter 2010

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how do i insert an auto updated - date

Free: Yes
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how do I create a cell that will always have the current date in it?

auto date insert

Free: Yes
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I'm using office spreadsheet which is similar formulas to excel I believe. I want it to automatically insert a date when you open it on a certain day, i.e., if I open my file on a Friday, I want it to automatically enter the date and possibly cell data into the corresponding columns. ever Friday I have a debit and I would like this to appear on it's own. if I were to open on a Saturday, can it auto enter for the previous day?

Auto insert in a column

Free: Yes
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I am new on this forum, my question is, How can I auto insert a value in a cell.
Let's say:
A1 is 2001L
B1 is John
All I want is whenever I put 2001L in Column A , it will auto complete in column B as John

Auto insert a comment box.

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I am trying to find a way where I can have excel Insert a comment box automatically.
For example:
I have a data sheet and every time I need to insert a new row, I then need to insert a comment box in every cell. Instead of copying and pasting, is there a way to make excel auto populate the comment box when I insert a new column?
If so, how or is there a macro that I can use?

automatically select and copy and insert the daily date

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I'm an Amazon seller and use a database to auto-send confirmation emails. On my table I made the text field a memo. Is it possible to have the date automatically filled in so I don't have to type it in?

Normally, I just highlight and copy the text, and click a link to the email section of amazon. Is it possible to write the code to automatically select and copy and insert the daily date? Thanks!

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Auto Meter Preloader

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Tags: Flash › Excel Preloaders

Auto Meter Preloader
- only 6kb
- 100% Vector Graphics
- open auto meter perloader.fla
- drag and drop movie clip name preloader from library or stage into your project
- put this in any frame and your content in next frame
- you can use this for _root or _parent or use this inside any movie clip

Auto Image Gallery Class

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel Image Galleries

Simple Gallery is a class based auto image gallery creator. The idea for this is to allow the user to instantly insert a photo gallery into their site with absolute ease. The goal for this class is to make it easy for any one to achieve an attractive image gallery with out having to know PHP or tediously setting up the gallery by hand coding html . Simple gallery works by taking a folder of images, you supply, and based off that folder a gallery will be created for you. All you have to do is select the options you want, insert two lines of code and style your gallery with css. Its that simple! All the code has been written for you and simple gallery comes pre-built with prettyPhoto, a JQUERY photo lightbox. Theres no need for a mySQL database or an admin panel, just input your folder location on your server and your good-to-go.
Class based, for full customization
Auto Thumbnail generation, for quick page load.
Implement JQUERY prettyPhoto lightbox with ease
Add pagination to your image gallery
Add multiple folders to gallery
Define the number of images you want displayed.
Standards based gallery design
Full documentation for customization and installation.

Auto Flash Class Panel

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Classes

Class and package names are generated form your library folder structure. With one simple click your library is ready for export. Saves you the effort of right clicking on the library item going to properties, ticking the export checkbox and typing in the package/class name.
The panel is packed with a rich interface split into two sections, namely: Selector and Classer. The Selector section automatically selects all the library items that matches your criteria. Choose from MovieClips, Bitmaps, Sounds, Fonts or Buttons. Once you are happy with your selection of library items, you simply use the Classer section to automatically insert class, base class and tick the export checkbox for you.

Advanced Auto Suggest

Free: No
Tags: Ajax › Excel Auto Complete Forms

Complete, commercial strength auto-suggest solution with all the content data embedded. Comes as a ready to go, fully independent application package and does not depend on any third-party service or sources or databases. Quick and easy installation in less than 30 minutes.
Package Includes:
*Auto-Suggest complete pack with Front-End and Back-End packages.
*Back-End with 'General Search Pack' content databases (as implemented in the fully working live demos/trials).
*Documentation with additional design styles and examples.
*Across the site unlimited usage license for 1 domain (or sub-domain).
*Standard technical support

Auto Repair Animation

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Animations

- 47kb
* TimeLine animation
- No Action Script
* Very easy to use,just drag and drop auto repair to your flash movie
* Libraries and Layers are well organized
* Help file include very easy steps to make changes

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