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Auto fit row height and Word Wrap

Auto fit row height and Word Wrap

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I have auto-fit row height and word wrap both turned on and despite this my row height is larger than my contents. How can this be resolved?

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Row Height Auto Fit & Vlookup

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm using a drop down list, data validation and vlookup on a spreadsheet. All is working well EXCEPT when the cell populates with the the verbiage from the vlookup, the cell will not word wrap, shrink to fit, auto adjust or format as I request. I need to size the cell according to the amount of text being referenced . Do I need to do something special?

is there a vb for auto wrap for row and adjust the height

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Column width is set to 50
I want to be able to expand the row height automatically and wrap the text.

Auto fit row height

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Having selected a number of rows, selecting 'Auto fit row height ' only operates on the majority of rows reducing them to 11.25 yet some remain at 22.5. I have checked each cell in the 22.5 row and there is only one row of font eight text.

Merged Cells/ Word Wrapping and Autoheight

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm using Excel 2007, and am running into a formatting issue.
Lets say I have merged cells A2, A3, A4 & A5. I have also set the text to wrap, and set the row to Auto height.
My problem is the merged cell does not automatically adjust in height. The text does wrap properly, and I can manually adjust the row height to display the text properly. If I unmerge the cells, the information in A2 does Wrap and AutoHeight correctly.
This has something to do with the merging of the cells.
I can take contents of the merged cell and place the value in another cell. Lets say in cell A10, I use a formula "=A2", if the cell width is set to the same as the merged cells it will format correctly. By that I mean cell A10 will word wrap and Auto height correctly, and with the height of the row changing, Now cell A2 display correctly. This is my current work around.

Row height (can't find answer in other posts)

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

if this is answered in other threads - haven't found any reference that addresses this issue.
One cell has word-wrap on, and the text in that cell occupies 5 lines. 4 cells to the right, the word-wrapped text occupies 3 lines. When I try to auto-adjust the row height, it adjusts to the height that fits the cell to the right (3 lines tall), so the cell with 5 lines of text is truncated. Is there a format, hierarchy, or other control setting that would allow me to auto-set the row height based on the cell that has the most text?

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Team Members Auto Play Image Slider

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This is a XML based team members gallery with autoplay.
XML Settings:
- component width and height
- member box padding
- box width and height
- spacing
- image width and height
- reflection setup
- auto rotate setup
- links target
- slide time
- blur amount

AS3 XML DataGrid

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* Simple, Clean & Classic
* full XML driven.
* Auto format cell and row size to fit text data.
* Actionscript 3 with full comments.
* Able to load xml file path as a parameter from html swf object.
* Drag and Drop straight into your application.
* Customizable size(width & Height), (Gradient) colors, fonts and so on (see xml properties).
* Easy to add/remove rows, columns, footer, tooltip and links.
* Scrollable content

XML Photo Gallery

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An easy way to nicely display photos on your site, this gallery can be used to show jpg, gif, swf or png files.
The gallery can work as standalone application. You can add/remove photos without using the flash program, the configuration file can be edited with a simple text editor.
- Move mouse left/right over the thumbs to scroll thumbs left/right.
- Slideshow with play/pause, you can click play and images will change automatically.
- Each big image can open an url on Click if an url was defined in the XML file.
- Gallery can open jpg, swf, gif, png images.
- Time to show each image, this can be set in XML file.
- Auto start slideshow can be enabled/disabled.
- Auto load first image when gallery loads. This is a separate feature than the slideshow.
- Previous/Next image buttons, the buttons can be hidden if you like.
- Line indicator under the buttons, this shows when slideshow will move on to next image.
- Preloader is displayed while a big image loads.
- Fade In / Fade Out effects for thumbnails and big images. You can change effect length or disable fading.
- Max height of thumbnails, (in the above sample this is "60"), if a thumb is bigger then it is resized to fit and align correctly.
- Gallery max width and max height, if image is bigger then images are resized to fit correctly.
- Scroll speed, you can set the speed for moving image left/right.
- Thumbs space, sets the space between the thumbnails.
- Thumbs border, sets the size of the white thumbnail border. (can also be disabled).
- Image border, sets the size of the white image border. (can also be disabled).
- Enable/Disable the image number in image title ("Image 2 of 10 ... ").
- Fla source file is included (like always).

Macrobject Word-2-Web: Create Perfect Online Documents

Free: No

Macrobject Word-2-Web Professional 2009 is a powerful Web help creator/generator help you to create professional HTML online document. Convert Word document (.doc, .rtf, .htm, etc.) to perfect Web help and full fit for your web site. Make online help to be integrated into your web site in seconds with a single click. Keep the format/style/layout (include images and tables) of the original Word document. Create topic tree according to the outline of the Word document.
All Web help documents on our website are generated entirely with Word-2-Web.
Unique Features
Template-based and full customizable.
Create full text search engine. (Pro Edition)
Create page header/footer as in the Word document.
Create page navigator and related topics.
Convert cross-reference to hyper-link.
Command line and project supports, and much more.

Auto Email: Email & DB forms without programming!

Free: No
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Create Incredible ASP.NET Email Forms Quickly and Easily with NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED!
With ASP.NET Auto Email, you can create very sophisticated email forms in minutes and create as many as you like.
There is no other ASP.NET control or component on the market that does everything Auto Email does, and Auto Email has been the leader in drag-and-drop form processing since 2003.

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