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Auto delete a row after 5 weeks in Excel

Auto delete a row after 5 weeks in Excel

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I want to set up a prayer list for the Church. I will use rows for names, and illnesses then put a date when it was posted. I think I need a formula to make that row delete after 5 weeks. How do I make a row on an Excel spreadsheet completely delete after a set time frame?

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Auto Deletion of Rows

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Is there a formula I can use to automatically delete rows when certain criteria are met, I am recoding a MACRO and want to use a simple function (if available).
For example, if L1 is equal to M1 then auto delete row #1

SUMIF? or not?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have 3 columns, the first with a rating of 1-10 in each row, the second is blank and the third has a description for the rating. When someone picks a rating they place a "1" in the second row cell next to the 1-10 rating. I would like the cell at the bottom of the second row to look at all the cells and see which one has a 1 in it and then look to the cell to the left and report that number. What formula doe this?
1 .5 Day
2 1 day
6 2-3 Weeks
7 3-4 Weeks
8 1 4-6 Weeks
9 5-8 Weeks
10 More than 8 weeks

Auto-Delete Cell Value After Selection from List

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So what I'm looking for is that I have two lists via Data Validation, and when someone changes their selection in list A, I'd like for list B to auto-delete whatever value it had in it.
Also, on a different topic, I'd like to know how to hide certain sheets in a workbook from public view.

delete row macro

Free: Yes
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with a macro to delete a row of data if column C (date) is before 1/1/2010. I want to analize the data from this year only. I can do an auto format to get rid of the info, but the info gets updated every month and all previous data gets dumped back into the file. I need to stream line it so that if anyone else opens the file they only see this years info.

delete row based on value of ...

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

using a macro to delete a row.
how can I delete a row if the value of a cell is 0 or less.
Column A has an item number Column B has quantities, from a negative number, 0, and positive numbers
if a cell in Column B is 0 or lower, the row will be deleted. I can delete rows using F5, Special, Blanks, delete row., so I am hoping for something like that where I can record a macro to work with.

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Auto Meter Preloader
- only 6kb
- 100% Vector Graphics
- open auto meter perloader.fla
- drag and drop movie clip name preloader from library or stage into your project
- put this in any frame and your content in next frame
- you can use this for _root or _parent or use this inside any movie clip

InvenTrack - Franchise and Independent Auto Dealer Website CMS

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NEW - Now you can create craigslist and eBay ad template with one click! You can print your window stickers and buyers guides right from your Dealer control panel! Simply the best auto dealer website system on the market today for the money. Dealers are spending thousands of dollars a year to have the same system and they don't own their site! With InvenTrack you can add/edit/delete new and used car inventory, manage your site content, customers can setup service appointments, order parts, list your staff, list unlimited vehicles, upload a unlimited number of photos per vehicle, auto send your inventory to,, GoogleBase and, Manage leads, manage staff, create your own website templates, SEO friendly vehicle details urls, and much much more to much to list here. Save Money, Save Time Use InvenTrack! Visit our site for more details.

Downloader Class

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Downloader Class is made for developers to ease file downloading process.
It auto creates zip file for users to download, for developers, all you need to do is to tell Downloader Class, what files you want to add to the zip.
And what is more, it is using chunk download mechanism, which makes large file download possible.
Use Downloader Class to build a download system is super easy.
- Simple API calls
- Auto zip files
- Debug mode built in
- Option to keep or auto delete the temporary zip files
- Set download file name
- Add files directly or even add from folders

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Complete, commercial strength auto-suggest solution with all the content data embedded. Comes as a ready to go, fully independent application package and does not depend on any third-party service or sources or databases. Quick and easy installation in less than 30 minutes.
Package Includes:
*Auto-Suggest complete pack with Front-End and Back-End packages.
*Back-End with 'General Search Pack' content databases (as implemented in the fully working live demos/trials).
*Documentation with additional design styles and examples.
*Across the site unlimited usage license for 1 domain (or sub-domain).
*Standard technical support

Auto Repair Animation

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- 47kb
* TimeLine animation
- No Action Script
* Very easy to use,just drag and drop auto repair to your flash movie
* Libraries and Layers are well organized
* Help file include very easy steps to make changes

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