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Auto Copy from one tab to another...

Auto Copy from one tab to another...

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In the Summary tab is a list of producers. (Column K)
I need to Identify the Producer and copy/paste his complete row of information to the corresponding tab.
I was messing with Formulas, but I cant get it to do what I want. I was thinking Macro.but this is where im stuck.

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Graph does not copy with the tab

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I am using Excel 2007 and have a graph on the same page as the data. I want
to copy this tab into the same workbook and then tweak the data. I right click on the tab, check the copy box, and Ok. The problem I have is that the graph does not copy with the tab. I get all the data that was on the tab I copied from, but the graph object did not come with the tab. Why not?
Is there a setting in excel to get the graph object to copy with the tab?

Help! Forgot formula for auto copy of cell value...

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Let's say I have two tabs. The formula is going in a cell B1 in tab1.
In Tab 2, col A contains names, col B contains address, col C contains title.etc.
I would like to manually enter one of the names in Tab 1, cell A1, and have cell B1 automatically copy the corresponding data from say, Col B in Tab 2. No calculations, just straight copy.
(logic would be "if the value I entered in Tab1 A1 matches any of the names in Tab2 Col A, then copy the person's address here).
I've used it before.and it's straightforward.but this old brain just didn't hang on to it. This was not a code or macro thing.just a straight formula you write in a cell.

copy 1 tab of worksheet to new worksheet tab,cant copy the formulas

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am using Excel 2007.
I am trying to copy a tab which has some average of 200 rows and different formulas for some rows and coulombs, to a new worksheet tab
I can copy the values but I can't copy the formula's to the new worksheet.
Please how me steps to achieve this,if possible.
its getting tough for me to manually copy & paste formula for each cell.
Note : I am new to Excel, steps to achieve this will be Appreciated.

Macro - Copy current tab to new workbook

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have two files saved.
2011 rolling 12.xlsx
2011 Budget rolling 12 updater.xlsx
I'm trying to write a Macro and struggling
I am building the macro within the 2011 Budget rolling 12 updater.xlsx workbook. I will have the PL tab displayed. This spread sheet has multiple tabs.
1. I need to run the macro and it will copy cells from A1 to R315 of the 2011 Budget rolling 12 updater.xlsx workbook PL tab
2. I need it to auto create a new tab in 2011 rolling 12.xlsx workbook and name it the tab cell contents of C1 of the 2011 Budget rolling 12 updater.xlsx PL tab.
3. Paste the copied contents - Values only to A1 in the newly created tab
Or something of the sorts. It could save me hours of copy and pasting

Auto fill cells in other tabs from one master tab and protect them

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I have created a spreadsheet with about 6 tabs. Often data on tab 1worksheet is found again on tab 2,3,5,6. I would like this data to be auto filled so that changes only need to be made on the first tab. the change will then be updated to the other corresponding cells with the new data without having to enter it onto each tab.
The other tabs will then be protected so the value can only be changed on

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Tab menu view

Free: Yes
Tags: JavaScript › Excel AJAX Tabs

Put the content of your tabs within some divs, call a javascript function. Result? A nice looking tab view.

Auto Update Copyright Year Script

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel Miscellaneous

Outputs something of the form: "© 2007 - 2008, Name. All rights reserved.", where the year is updated automatically to reflect the current year.

Auto Meter Preloader

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Preloaders

Auto Meter Preloader
- only 6kb
- 100% Vector Graphics
- open auto meter perloader.fla
- drag and drop movie clip name preloader from library or stage into your project
- put this in any frame and your content in next frame
- you can use this for _root or _parent or use this inside any movie clip

CSS Auto Sprites

Free: No

CSS Sprites are a great way to improve the performance of your site, by reducing the overall image weight as well as reducing the number of HTTP requests. The one major drawback however is maintaining the images and recompiling and uploading every time one of the sprites changes.
CSS Auto Sprites changes all that by automatically building the CSS sprite image from files in a directory as well as generating sample code or live minified (and Gzipped) CSS for you to use.
If you want to change one sprite, you simple replace it in the directory and the sprite and CSS is updated automatically. Dont need an image any more, then just remove it and again everything is updated.
Works with PNG , GIF and JPG files maintains transparency and colors when present. Images can be organized into folders to make maintenance and use even easier.
Copy a single file to your server and by using some simple URL parameters, you can be generating CSS Sprite images and CSS code immediately.
Requires PHP 4 .3.2 or higher. Best quality and performance with PHP 5 .1.3 or higher.

Advanced Auto Suggest

Free: No
Tags: Ajax › Excel Auto Complete Forms

Complete, commercial strength auto-suggest solution with all the content data embedded. Comes as a ready to go, fully independent application package and does not depend on any third-party service or sources or databases. Quick and easy installation in less than 30 minutes.
Package Includes:
*Auto-Suggest complete pack with Front-End and Back-End packages.
*Back-End with 'General Search Pack' content databases (as implemented in the fully working live demos/trials).
*Documentation with additional design styles and examples.
*Across the site unlimited usage license for 1 domain (or sub-domain).
*Standard technical support

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