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Area under the curve

Area under the curve

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How to find area under the curve in MS Excel Chart?

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Area Under the Curve

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

Can someone please let me know if I can calculate the area under a curve
It is a Line Chart and I want to calculate the area between the curve and the axes

Finding area under a curve?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a data set and I cant seem to figure out how to find the area
the X increments are 1
how do I go about solving this?

how to calculate the area under a curve

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have data in excel in cells A10 through A100. I want to obtain the area
under this curve.

area under the curve in a graph

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

Can anyone tell me hot to calculate area under the curve in a graph (xy

Area under the curve

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

Jon Pelter used a VBA technique to fill the area under the curve. It works with me fine but if the value of the Y coordinate is below 0.001 then the the procedure crashes.
Is there a way to correct the procedure?
See this chart for illustration
Link to Jon Peltier's page

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Premium Interactive Multi Charts Compilation XML

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This file is a nice high-quality value pack worth $66USD. It is a compilation of all our premium multi chart components. The following chart types are included: line chart, area chart, curve chart, stacked bar chart, regular bar chart, wave chart, pie chart, step chart.
All charts can be XML driven. Many parameters can be set. Take a look into the preview to get an impression or visit the components product overview pages.
Components included:
- Multi Bar Chart
- Multi Line/Area Chart
- Multi Pie Chart
- Multi Curve Chart
- Multi Wave Chart
- Multi Step Chart

Client Area Pro

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Client Area Pro is a fully functional web application allowing your business to get client feedback in one, convenient place. You can host it anywhere on your websites server....

jQuery FocusOn - Highlight an area of your website

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Tired of your clients missing some important feature of your web site?, maybe its new and you want to make them notice it.
jQuery FocusOn is a plugin that makes your clients fully focus on a certain area of your web site, it receives an element and will highlight the area of that element an make every thing else opaque and disabled for clicking.

Curve Menu Video

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CurveMenu Video extends the success of CurveMenu component with additional video player features. CurveMenu Video included a sliding curve shape menu video playlist.
Build-in with YouTube playlist builder which allows you to build video playlist from YouTube easily. In addition, CurveMenu Video with a customizable video playback interface allows you to build your own branded video player. With tons of customized styles that unleash your creativity.
* Direct loading YouTube Video
* YouTube playlist builder
* Driven by xml
* Build playlist for local video
* Support loading video format mp4, flv, f4v and m4v.
* Curve Shape Menu
* Vertical/Horizontal alignement
* Shadow and depth of field blur effect
* Customize Tooltip and caption
* Customize player controls skin
* Auto slide show
* Real time preview in Flash
* User-friendly Inspector
* Full ActionScript API support

phpProposal - SEO proposals made easy

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phpProposal is a revolutionary way to create award winning proposals in a fraction of the time required doing it manually, even when using a template.
Once you download and install phpProposal on your web server you simply enter some basic data and the software does the rest. You end up with a top shelf proposal custom tailored to your exact needs in minutes.
No need to even send it to your client if you wish, as the software has a built in client access area where they can view any and all proposals created for them.
You also have the option of outputting the finished proposal in several formats such as HTML and PDF, making delivering them in a professional manner as easy as creating them
Why use phpProposal?
-Reduces time spent creating proposals by up to 99%.
-Only requires basic data entered to do its work.
-Very low learning curve required to operate.
-Any employee can manage this process easily.
-Frees up time for other important things.
-Fully customizable templates allow full control of output.
-Fully customizable to your websites look and feel.
-Client access area to view proposals.
-PDF and HTML output of proposals.
-Installation of software takes a minute.

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