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sFilename = Application.GetOpenFilename("Text Files (*.txt), *.txt")
The above is what I am currently using to select my text file with.
the only problem is that each time its run, it starts at the root directory which requires the operator to navigate to the correct directory each time.
The directory used never changes, just the textile.
What can I use to default the directory tree each time?

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Getopenfilename Using Predefined Directory

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I'm using: Application.GetOpenFilename(MultiSelect:=False)
so my client can find a file.
However, I've already saved the top level directory
And do not want my client to re-find that directory,
Instead, I'd like GetOpenFinename() to start in this top level directory.
GetOpenFileName() starts in what ever directory was last looked at.
How can I change this directory?

Using the GetOpenFilename method in VB 6

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I have searched the forum for this problem, and haven't been able to find it. Is there a way, when using the GetOpenFilename method, of forcing the Open control window to appear on TOP of any windows currently open? It is always opening below whatever I have open, but doesn't appear on the taskbar. In order to find it, I always have to do Alt-Tab. This program is going to be used by multiple users, so needs to be as straight-forward as possible.
This is the code currently being used:
Dim mstrFileName As String
Private xlExcel As Excel.Application, objBooks As Object, xlWorkBook As Excel.Workbook
mstrFileName = xlExcel.GetOpenFilename

Using GetOpenFileName to retrieve last file in Dir.

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Is there a method of using the GetOpenFileName FilterIndex parameter to retrieve the last file in the directory?
I'm currently using the below to retrieve a specific file but would like to bypass the dialog box and just go out and get the last file put into the folder.
ChDir "P:\IntrDept\Field Reports\Jims\Important Data" fileToOpen = Application _ .GetOpenFilename("CSV Files (*.csv), *.csv") If fileToOpen <> False Then MsgBox "Open " & fileToOpen Workbooks.Open fileToOpen, False, True

Opening Multiple Files w/ GetOpenFileName

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Apparently, I am doing something wrong.
I am attempting to let the user select multiple file names with the GetOpenFileName method.
Dim vFile As Variant, vFile2 As Variant vFile = Application.GetOpenFileName(FileFilter:="Excel Files (*.xls),*.xls",MultiSelect:=True) 'So far so good For Each vFile2 In vFile 'generates an error I = UBound (vFile) 'Also generates an error
What am I doing wrong? This seems easy, but.

Open path with commandbutton.

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I want to open a path with a command button.
I always use "application.getopenfilename" to open files but the I get the path+filename but I only want the path. and not the filename.
I know it's possible to open a file with application.getopenfile and extract the path out of it but I want the same screen as the applicatio.getopenfilename but without the files, only the folders.

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