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alphabetize entire rows by first word of first column

alphabetize entire rows by first word of first column

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I want to make a list of names and addresses putting name, address, city, state, zip across in separate columns. Is there a way to attach these so that when I alphabetize the names each of the cells in the row stay with the

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alphabetize ignoring hyphen

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I have a spreadsheet which I need to alphabetize. in column A are 400 domain names. all of the domain names start with the word GLOBAL and then another word. about 200 of them start with the word GLOBAL and then follow with a hyphen before the word. I wish to alphabetize the entire spreadsheet on the column A and IGNORE the hyphen so that the spreadsheet will be alphabetized on column A by the word following the word GLOBAL. PLEASE HELP HOW TO DO THIS? perhaps some macro formula can ignore the hyphen?

How do I alphabetize an entire workbook? (9 Sheets)

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I am trying to alphabetize information in column A on 9 sheets.

How do you alphabetize a Excel list ?

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The first top 15 rows won't alphabetize I already made sure that it has No
header row checked What can I do


Free: Yes
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I have four columns filled with data. Now I want to alphabetize the first column, but also want that the data in the other three columns move with the relevant item in the first column.

How do you alphabetize street addresses within a column?

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How do you alphabetize street addresses within a column? When I sort according to address, it sorts according to the number (not the street name). It is more important to group the street names than the street numbers.

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