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Allowing editing locked cells in a protected sheet in excel

Allowing editing locked cells in a protected sheet in excel

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1. I have an protected excel sheet in which Columns A,B,C are locked and cannot be edited by everyone however columns D and E are open to be edited
2. However my problem is when I click on protect worksheet and add myself in the permissions tab to edit without password, I cannot edit and the whole sheet gets locked. This is not expected.

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Autofilter with Locked/Protected worksheets

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We use a system of monitoring duties using excel, with spreadsheets that are protected with passwords to modify by certain personnel.
The worksheets within are password protected to prevent deletion of formula in certain locked cells/columns. Other cells are not locked allowing editing by authorized users.
However, the autofilter function doesn't work (unless unprotected), which is essential to allow duty managers to filter out the staff quickly and effectively.
It will work with protected sheets if the contents tab is anticked when protecting the worksheets, but this then allows columns with formula in to be deleted, and is the whole reason for us protecting these cells and the formula.
Don't know what else to try,

Still can select locked cells in protected sheet

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When I protect a sheet, and the only action allowed is "Select unlocked cells", the user cannot select any locked cells, which is what I want.
When I save the sheet, and then reopen it, the user can select locked cells. It doesn't do him any good, since he can't alter the cell. If he tries, he gets an error message advising him that the cell is protected.
If I unprotect and re-protect the sheet, the behavior goes back to not even being able to select the locked cells.
Is there a way to ensure that behavior when the locked worksheet is

copy cells but lock editing

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I have a spreadsheet where I have locked cells and password protected.
within this sheet though I have not locked a specific range of cells as they are used in another sheet as source data.
Is there a way that I can allow these cells to still be copied for the source data but not actually changed by other users?
Thanks as always

Updating of a locked cell

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I have a worksheet protected because it is all formulas for calculations with other worksheets within the workbook. When I change one of the unprotected cells of a worksheet, I want the formula cell to "update". It will if it is not protected but the cell is locked and protected. How do I keep others from editing the formula if I can not have the cell locked/protected?

Still able to change cells that are locked & protected?

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I have an Excel 2007 spreadsheet with a combination of locked and unlocked cells. However, when I protect the spreadsheet I am still able to select and change the value of cells that are supposed to be locked.
I have confirmed that the cell format is set to "Locked" and the only options selected when I protect the sheet are "Select locked cells" and "Select unlocked cells".
Why am I still able to change the value in the cells that are supposed to be locked?

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