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Adding Title to Secondary Axis Office 2003

Adding Title to Secondary Axis Office 2003

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I am working on a chart with a secondary axis. Can you please tell me how to put a title on the secondary axis?

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With this advanced line chart applet you can setup an interactive chart of your data. Many advanced features are included, such as a tip text window and curve fitting abilities.
- Smooth bezier curves can be fitted to your data.
- The applet has a tip text measurer, which is activated when the user moves the mouse pointer across the chart.
- An unlimited number of curves are supported and axis ranges are automatically calculated for the curves.
- A color value, label text and tip text description for each line can be specified.
- Supports a background image.
- Specify font type, font size and font style of the text and title.
- You can specify the axis color, text color, title color, selection color, background color, the description text and background color.
- Compatible with any Java compatible browser.

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Office Backup is a backup software designed for automatic backing up data of PCs running Windows operating systems. It allows you to protect important data from loss or damage by regularly creating backups and storing them to secured storage media or servers. And then, if something happens to your PC, you will be able to restore all information in a matter of minutes.
With Office Backup you can perform both files-based and image-based backup of your HDD. The program has a simple Wizard-driven interface and can be easily utilized by users of all levels of computer expertise. It provides an easy way to enable backup compression, encryption, and to schedule tasks to take place automatically. Supported OS include Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2008/2003/2000.

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Make your images stand out! Give them a better title solution!
- no CSS needed
- JS/HTML code generator included
- works in every layout and float setup
- 2 positions: top & bottom
- adjustable animation speed and type
- adjustable label colors, opacity and alignment
- cross-browser support
- only one JS file to include

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