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adding leading zero in Excel

adding leading zero in Excel

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How do I add zeros to numbers in a cell? ex: R1,R12,R152 to R001,R012,R152 This needs to be done in many cells.

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Converting time format, inserting leading zero and adding +3 hours

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I would appreciate if someone help me with formula which can convert AM/PM time to 24hours, then add 3 hours, and insert leading zero only from 1 to 9.
see attachment example click here

Leading Zeros

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I have a column that has leading zeros. I want to get rid of all leading zeros. Some have 3, some have 2.etc.SOme of the cells have letters in them also. SO what can I do?

Leading Zero as value not appearance

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When I use formatting cell custom with 00 I manage to add leading zero but
the problem is the leading zero only as appearance. Is it possible to make it as value in the cell

leading and ending space

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I need to create a macro that will remove leading and ending extra spaces without disturbing a leading "0" of a number in a cell eg. 0322 should remain the same n not 322

Format to show leading zero

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Column A has 6 digit equipment numbers, some with leading zero's. (The cells are formatted to show leading zero's)
Column B has 3 digit month names.
In column C I want to concatenate A & B
ie; 040051 FEB 040051FEB
When I type in the formula =A5&B5 the leading zero is gone.
How can I keep it displayed?

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