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Adding Calendar to Worksheet

Adding Calendar to Worksheet

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I want to add a calender to my worksheet that when a user selects a specific cell the calender will come up, the user can select a date, and it will fill the cell with that date, then when the user goes to the next cell the calender dissatisfy, but the date stays in the specific cell.

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Adding a yearly calendar to excel spreadsheet

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I currently have a spreadsheet that I am using in excel. I would like to add another 'worksheet' to this-- I want to add a yearly calendar, showing only one month at a time, that I can actually type information onto on specific days if I so choose.

Formula for adding dates to a Calendar

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I posted earlier in the week relating to this same worksheet I am working on. I eventually thought it was finished but I now find a have a problem.if I input more than one leave period for an employee, for each period (ie: JAN JUN), this does not show on the corresponding Jan Jun/ Jul Dec sheet (Calendar)
Data inputted in Sheet "EmployeeData" (Note CTRL-Z brings up calendar for inputting dates)
2 sheets - "JAN JUN" & "JUL DEC" use VLOOKUP functions (from BQ4 - BS603 EmployeeData) where I have a representation of leave taken. Notice only one period in each, where-as 2 for each inputted.
Please see the workbook attached for more info.
If I am using the wrong function I will change the title for this thread once I know, for future ref.
Warren.ultra novice but learning!

Calculate next workday after adding calendar days to date in cell

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I want to add 100 calendar days to a date in a cell and when that date falls on a weekend or holiday the formula will return the next workday vs. returning a weekend date.
I tried the workday function but it counted 100 workdays not calendar days.

Calendar List to Calendar format

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I have been asked to maintain a calendar which lists calendar
items and sorts them by item type on one sheet and then links those items to a calendar format on another sheet in the workbook.
For example:
Type Date Start Time End Time Who What Where
I was thinking a formula linking to the sheet containing the above information which indicates if the date is = to the date on the calendar (separate worksheet), then the remaining row of information should be entered in that cell.
I am decent with everyday formulas, but this is beyond me and it's for my

Auto Populate Data into Calendar

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I am working on the project to schedule home visits. I have been trying to populate details in Worksheet (NextVisit) into Calendar but to no avail.
Attached my worksheet for your kind assistance.

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PHP5 Calendar

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PHP-Calendar is an open source web calendar. It is intended to provide a simple solution with an intuitive interface. It is targeted to groups and individuals with the need to track events with an emphasis on group collaboration. In that same collaborative spirit, the source for PHP-Calendar is available under the open source Apache license to facilitate colaborative development.

Free Javascript Calendar

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In this script, I will show you how to make a calendar in Javascript with a transparency effect.
This calendar is simple, first, we get the day, the month and the year as a number form. The calendar will be a table and the title will be the curent date.

Proverbs Web Calendar

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This is a web event calendar developed using PHP and powered by MySQL. The calendar is viewed in month format initially with a detailed view of daily events as each calendar day is clicked on. The calendar is customizable within a single file; allowing changes to the title, color choices, calendar language, starting day of the week, time format(24hr/12hr), time zone display.

asp calendar

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calendar() displays a calendar page of the chosen month and year. The function takes a date string as its only parameter. For the current server date to be used, a null must be passed. This is the ASP version of calendar.php. It was a little harder to translate than php-calendar.php, due to the difference in the vbs date functions.

ASP Appointment Calendar

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With the ASP Appointment Calendar for Dreamweaver you can easily create three types of calendars, #1 - an appointment/reservation calendar designed to receive requests/bookings from your users; #2 - a classic schedule calendar designed to show the activities planned during events, school classes, etc; #3 - a small and informative calendar that can be used to show information related across days & times. The administrative interface covers the entire calendar functions, making it easy to manage even to users without HTML or development skills.

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