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Adding and Subtracting negative and positive numbers

Adding and Subtracting negative and positive numbers

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Having an issue when taking a negative number and misusing a positive number. I assume there is a formula. I have attached a copy of the form. Example. Cas, had a total for the month -$642.55, last week, she was in the positive by 195. the total should be
(-$642.55) - $195 =( -$447.55). Instead it is adding the two (even thought $195 is a positive number) and totaling to (-$837.55). Need a formula so that when starting with a negative number and subtracting a positive number returns a lower negative number. (as shown in illustration)
In the illustration, I manually inputed the number. Would love a formula to handle this for me!

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I am trying to create a formula that will allow me to add both negative and positive numbers in the same column. It appears that when I use the SUM function, EXCEL is doing the addition first and then subtracting any negative from there producing the wrong outcome. Ex: a1 to a10 all have 100 in it. total would be 100. When I introduce a -100 anywhere within a1 to a10, I receive 800 instead of 900.

Subtracting positive amts from negative and positive from positive

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I have a problem with a spreadsheet that SOMETIMES would result in subtracting positive amounts from negative where I would want the result to show negative but only the difference between the negative and the positive. In other words, if B9 is negative and B31 is positive then I want the negative in B9 to be
reduced by the positive in B31 and reflect a negative amount (ie. -900 minus +200 = -700) but sometimes the amount in B9 is positive and B31 is positive and so then I just want B31 subtracted from B9 to reflect a positive (i.e. +900 minus +200 = +700).
I found another answer that partially works
=IF(COUNTIF(B9:B31,"<0"),-ABS(ABS(B9)-ABS(B31)) when B9 is negative but it doesn't work if B9 is positive. How do I get the second condition into the

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I'm sure this is an easy formula, but one I cannot figure out.
I have dollar values in column B - some of these totals are positive, some are negative.
I'd like to add a formula to the side that adds up ONLY the positive numbers to get a grand total.

Why Subtracting Two Negative Numbers Results in Positive Number

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I'm using Excel 2007 and ran into a problem when creating a formula that references two cells (C8 and F8) where users will enter a negative number in each cell. So for example, the user would enter the following numbers:
Cell C8 --> -4424.872
Cell F8 --> -4278.982
To subtract both numbers I created the formula: SUM(C8-F8). But the problem is that instead of returning a negative number, the result is shown as a positive number. I'm not sure why this happening. Could someone point
Thanks for the time and expertise!

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How do I add only the positive numbers in a column with both positive and negative numbers?

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