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Add/edit/delete records userform

Add/edit/delete records userform

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I was wondering if any of you knew of a good tutorial for creating a simple userform which adds, edits and deletes data from a workbook.
Really I'm just after the code for how to view, edit and delete existing rows in a worksheet, but a good tutorial is probably easier to follow.

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Datasheet Records

Free: Yes

Learn how to: Add, edit and delete Records; Add and delete columns, Resize rows and columns; Freeze and hide columns; Find data in a table; Replace data; Check spelling and AutoCorrect and Print a datasheet

Best way to use same form to add vs edit records?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

What's the best way to use the same form to add records on a blank form vs edit existing records?
If I create a switchboard button to open frmABC in Add mode, no problem -- it opens blank. If I create a switchboard button to open frmABC in Edit mode, the form opens to the first record by default. I would like it to open blank in Edit mode too. What's the best way to do this?
Also, I added a combo box (cboEmpLookup) so I can search for records by last name. But I don't want to see cboEmpLookup when I open the form in Add mode. How to address this?
I don't want to duplicate the form and use one to add and one to edit. Thanks in advance for helping me understand how best to use the same for both adding new records and editing existing records.

for each textbox in userform

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I have 2 main problems.
1. im try to make my code more general, I have a userform called "UsrFrmChangeRate" with, currently, 5 textbox's in how do I make a loop with each textbox and use the current textbox value.
and 2nd I want to add and remove labels & textboxes to the above mentioned userform, I know how to create a new userform and add controls to it, but to make a new userform and edit a second one seem to be 2 different things.

Dynamic Userform to delete selected sheets

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I want to create a userform that will list all worksheets in a workbook with CheckBoxes next to each one. The user then can check the worksheets they wish to delete, and click the OK button to delete them. I have been able to create a userform that lists all the sheets, but that is about it. Any help would be awesome!

How to Add, Edit and Delete Database Data

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Excel Gettings Started

You can set up databases for everything from maintaining inventory to storing recipes. Setting them up to correctly handle your data can be a frustrating experience. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

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Online Contest Script

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If you are an admin and you want to edit or change something that you don’t like, with this script you can easily manage your clicks contest with the powerful admin panel where you can control:
- Users (Add, Edit, Delete, Ban, Unban, Track IP), Admins (Add, Edit, Delete), Ipban Function
- Rules (Add, Edit, Delete)
- -Prizes/Gifts ( Add, Edit, Delete)
- Vote logs for security purposes
- user Register (Enable/Disable)
- And a lot of intresting and helpful things
And also this script contains ajax for more fluid and stylish design.Hope you enjoy using the script, and make sure if you buy it to leave me a feedback of what you want new, bugs or whatever you want.Thank you for reading!

Travel agent script

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel CMS

Travel agent script is developed for travel agencies.It is easy to install and maintain.It is totally template and database driven. You can have your website up and running in minutes.It's WAP enabled as well .You can view special fares from your mobile! As it is module based you can create additional modules like hotel booking,taxi booking etc.
Member/Visitor features:
View/Print/Enquriy fares,packages,specials; Online Currency Converter; Two step booking request; Search fares,packages(filter by origin and destination); View flight details by continent; Print details of fares or packges; Send to a friend
Admin Features:
Add/Edit/Delete Block; Add/Edit/Delete Destination; Add/Edit/Delete Origin; add/Edit/Delete fare,special fare; Add/Edit/Delete Packages; Upload/Remove photos/file attachment for packages; View site statistics; Update site configuration(ie,theme,site title etc)

dbList: Database management grid

Free: Yes
Tags: ASP › Excel Databases

Database management grid with record edit, delete, add, search, filter and export to excel, database and table dropdown selection, pages navigation, field sort and search in page.
This application fills a sortable, pageable html table with records from a database.
Features: database and table selection, records edit, delete, add, export, filter and search.
Now working with MS Access, MSSQL and MySQL databases.

Allow visitors to submit links and logos to your site

Free: Yes
Tags: CGI and Perl › Excel Link Indexing

Allow visitors to submit links and logos to your site. Their links will only be added to the main data file once you have approved them. Random sponsored links can be placed on top of all links like the ones in Google.
- Administrator can add records to main database directly.
- Administrator can evaluate records posted by visitors before accepting them.
- Administrator can edit, delete or hold records posted by visitors.
- Administrator can mark records - group them for future action.
- Visitors can submit links but pending approval from Administrator.

Woorky: Track time you spend on projects

Free: Yes
Tags: Software › Excel Organizers

Track the time you spend on tasks / projects.
Woorky features:
Stop-watch: start/stop tracking time for a task; Tasks management tab: add, edit, delete; Projects management tab: add, edit, delete; Set hourly rate / currency; Export to html; Languages: english, polish

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