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Add comment in protected worksheet

Add comment in protected worksheet

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Can we add a comment for cells in a protected worksheet. I wanted to allow feature to only add comment and not allow user to do any other modifications

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How do I add comments to a protected sheet?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

This worksheet is shared for multiple users and is protected so format can not be changed. Need ability to add comments to certain columns with drop down lists. Comment icon is not available when protected.

Inserting a comment box in a protected worksheet

Free: Yes
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Is there a way to protect the worksheet while allowing users to insert a comment box in the unprotected cells of the worksheet?


Free: Yes
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Is there a way to insert a comment on an unprotected cell in a protected worksheet. I am using Excel 2002 and when I right click on the cell the
comment option is not listed. If you go to Insert in the menu comment is

Inserting comment in unlocked cell of protected Excel worksheet?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

It seems appropriate that users should be able to Insert & Edit Comments in unlocked cells of a protected worksheet but I cannot find any reference to this. How do I arrange it?

Protected Worksheets and Comments

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I would like to be able to be able to add comments to a protected worksheet.
I am using Excel 2007 Beta.
When I "protect" the sheet, I do the following.
Yes = Select locked cells Yes = Select unlocked cells Yes = Edit Objects
Once the sheet is protected, I am able to click on add-comment, but then I am told the sheet is protected and this is not allowed.

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Add Comment Script

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Tags: PHP › Excel Comment System

The easiest way to comment anything on your web site is HERE! We worked hard to create the most powerful PHP comment script on the market. Integration into your original web site can be completed in less then a minute and comments style is fully guided with CSS. Insert comments into unlimmited number of pages on your web site. Worried about spam? We don't like spamers so we hit them hard with multi level spam and flood protection.

Comment System

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Excel Comment System

The Comment System you are about to view has been designed so that it is easy to add on to any project. It requires very little knowledge of PHP and comes with an optional AJAX form.
What is included?
- 2 PHP Example Pages (AJAX / PHP )
- PHP Comment Class (PDF Documentation / PHP Documentation)
- PHP Database Class (PDF Documentation / PHP Documentation)
- Cascading Style Sheets

PHP Add Comments, TalkBack Script

Free: No
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A simple PHP talkback script which allows the users to add comments to certain pages of your website.
a) Allows the users to add comments.
b) Users can also rate their talkback.
c) Reply can be given to an already added comment using ‘reply’ option.
d) E-mail notifications received for the new ones.
e) Secured authentication for the users.
f) If any comment receives negative rating more than the specified limit, then automatically it gets deleted.
g) Easy installation.
Email =
Password = testing

Comment System DreamWeaver Extension

Comment System is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver MX or later, that allows to easily insert a comment submission form into your webpage, visualize previously added comments, manage comments submitted on your website's different pages, and eliminate comments that do not match your website's policy.
1) Adobe Dreamweaver MX or later.
2) PHP script must be supported on the web server where your site is hosted.

Comment System and Reviews Bubble

Comments made by website users are very important in the development of a web project, they allow the website to gather feedback which helps webmasters to improve it and reach more users. The means with which the comments are collected could be diverse: from tweets, entries in social networks or directly from the website content that triggered the comments.
Our Dreamweaver extension focuses on that last option. "Comment System + Reviews Bubble" is a tool to publish the comments among the same content that generates them. This extension is formed by uniting two extensions distributed independently, "Comment System" and "Reviews Bubble". This 2 in 1 package represents a 10% discount compared to separate purchases of these two products. You save money and time.
Adobe Dreamweaver, MX or later versions.

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