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Abbreviations to full Words

Abbreviations to full Words

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I need to change certain abbreviations to full words. not all cells contain abbreviations. I have in column A the abbrev and in column B I have the full word counterpart, and in column I I have the list of data to look through. I can move the columns around if necessary.

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state abbreviations

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Does anyone have a way of converting state abbreviations to the full state name? Example AZ to Arizona. I have two lists I need to sort by state and compare. One list has the abbreviation and the other the full name. Of course they don't sort the same.

Cell comments Etc.

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm currently working on a spreadsheet that requires using lots abbreviations and codes, at the moment I have a comment on the column header with all the abbreviations and their meaning in but its proving difficult to handle as I add more to it.
Is there a way to have the relevant info displayed as I hover my cursor over the cell?
one example from the spreadsheet is using initials instead of full names. So when I move the cursor over the cell, the full name is show, in a similar way to how cell comments are shown, but only showing the relevant data.

Convert state abbreviations in a column into regions in another column

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

maybe this action is not that difficult for savvy users.
I have a column containing the regular state abbreviations in a CSV document. I would like to create a formula to convert individual cells containing these abbreviations into grouped geographical regions for sales territories. Crudely thinking, run the formula on Col A and populate the result in Col B.

State names into abbreviations

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am looking for a way to turn state names into abbreviations. Ex. Texas into

Formula to change full state name to abbreviation

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Our system just changed to a new way of presenting addresses. It screws up the label printing system as a result.
Please help me with the following formulas:
Change a column with full state names (Florida, California, Texas, etc) to their corresponding abbreviations (FL, CA, TX, etc.)

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A creative way to show your images and movies! Words & Images is a dynamic interactive full customizable image gallery, which you can use to create outstanding galleries, presentations or intros. Or just load it into your flash site to give more options and impact your user.
The movie clip generates an animated 3D space that you can interact with each word. When clicked, a word brings an image and customized text to the user.
All the data (words, images, colors, subtitles, sizes) are completely dynamic and XML driven. So you can update, add or delete words and texts editing only one XML file.

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+ Ajax like preloader on intro.
+ Add unlimited XML Slides & Links.
+ Full Screen Transparent Gradient.
+ Change the Background Color in the HTML !!!
+ XML Logo(.fla included or load a transparent .gif)
+ XML Footer
+ Screen Size Warning if screen is too small.
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A Digital Clock and Full Date Calender displaying in 12 hr format Time with full date. Files Include: FLA, SWF, HTML and Font
Colours are easily changeable and Resizeable Complete in vector object. And can be easily add into your another flash project.

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