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"A pivottable report cannot overlap another pivottable report."

"A pivottable report cannot overlap another pivottable report."

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The error in the subject line happens a lot for me as I am using a large OLAP Cube.
Is there any way of catching this error in VBA and having additional rows/columns inserted to avoid the overlap?
I'm not sure if the error event can be overridden in VBA.

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PivotTable Report - NEW USER

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I have a report with drop down boxes ("receiving issues") that several people are going to use and report certain issues they have with certain vendors. I need to do a PivotTable that will show a chart listing this information.
I've never worked with a PivotTable and/or report before and I tried using
the help supplied on Microsoft excel help, but it was confusing to me. Is there anyone out there that can explain how to create this chart and have it show what I want in terms a child could understand?
I know some things about Excel, but this is COMPLETELY NEW TO ME!

PivotTable "split" column data

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Is it possible for Pivot Tables to split the data in a column and report it as two columns?
So if I have a column entitled "Status", and the values in that column are either "Open" or "Closed", is it possible for the PivotTable to show the count of each value in that column?
I attach an example spreadsheet if it helps.

How to remove PivotTable format.

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Probably a dumb question with an obvious answer,but I don't see it.
I have been sent an Excel Read-only workbook but the worksheet is formatted as a PivoTable report. As a result - even though I have made a copy of the Read-only report, I cannot sort the data in the worksheet - I can only filter it.
I can see how the PivotTable sheet would have been created - by using the original data set, creating a PivotTable report, and saving it as a new workbook. But how can I reverse the process and get back to the original data set?
What is the secret?

Error message "The PivotTable field is not valid"

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I get the error message "The PivotTable field name is not valid. To create a PivotTable report, you must use data that is organized as a list with labeled columns. If you are changing the name of a pivot Table field, you must type a new name for the field." when I try to make a pivot-table.
Any idea what I can do?

Programming PivotTable Reports in Microsoft Access 2002

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Discover the elements of a PivotTable report and learn how to programmatically build and manipulate PivotTable reports in Microsoft Access 2002. The event model for PivotTable reports will also be discussed. (29 printed pages)

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