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A formula to discount percentage

A formula to discount percentage

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I am trying to find a formula to discount by percentage rather than currency

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Discount percentage on quote template

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I have a quote template which displays the unit price, discount and total payable. What I need is to be able to enter the discount (in percentage format) being offered on the unit price and then have that percentage discount automatically calculate in the Total Payable cell. The discounts can vary, so the formula will need to allow for changing unit prices and discounts. The cells being used are E17(Unit Price), F17(Discount) and G17(Line Total).

Either percentage or dollar discount formula

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Would like to have the option to discount a list of sales items by either plugging in a discount OR a dollar amount on the same row.

Percentage Help

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I am trying to figure out how to get a percentage to show up in certain cells.
THis is what I have:
List Price Retail Price Wholesale Sponsor1 Sponsor2
20.00 49.95 =8%*D2 =7%*D2 =6%*D2
WANT 45.95
Ok the formula =8%*D2 shows the discount amount of 3.996 but what I want to do is show the actual cost. So if I subtract 8% from 49.95 the discount would be 3.996 so in E I would want the Cell to show 45.954 which reflects the discount. Same goes for F and G.

VLOOKUP Formula to apply % Discount

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as part of my IT 2 course I am required to apply a VLOOKUP formula, using the VLOOKUP function, to give a percentage discount if students pay so many days in advance of a course starting date. ie 10% discount for 20 days or more prior to course start date, 8% discount 14 to 20 days prior, 5% discount 7 to 13 days. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been working extensively to solve this problem myself, obviously without success.

using percentages

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am trying to speed up my stock take this year using excel but im useless.
I need to multiply the product value by the amount and then take off discount written in percentages. Also most percentage discount will vary due to the product and there is about 300 products
For example
Product value £10
First discount 5%
Second discount 2.5%
I was looking at setting out it like this
Product amountTrade price Discount 1 Discount 2 total
bait clip 20 10 5.00% 2.50% 185.25

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