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How to create a tableless form?

How to create a tableless form?

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This is a tableless CSS form which you can use as a template for implementing your own lightweight form. It uses a combination of float and negative margins to create a two column layout for the form.

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This CSS example transforms a conventional form so it's tableless. A form that doesn't use tables for its layout is much more lightweight and semantically correct.

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Tableless forms

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This is a simple tutorial on how to make a basic Cascading Style Sheet tableless webpage. I will show you how to use Dreamweaver to code a tableless webpage without any knowledge of CSS coding. It is intended for non-experienced CSS coders or beginners.

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Table2CSS Converter: Convert HTML Tables to Tableless CSS

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TABLE2CSS is a SEO tool that converts HTML pages with tables to tableless CSS code. It is invaluable if you want to :
Reduce the percentage of HTML markup in your pages and get a better search engine ranking.
Reduce the overall size of your web pages and even further improve your positioning in search engines.
Replace the complex table layout in your website with simpler, easily maintainable CSS code.

Web Form Generator

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Create an online PHP based web form easy and fast with Web Form Generator. You can create nice PHP based web forms to your MySQL database in seconds without any programming. Web Form Generator creates contact forms, order forms, feedback forms and any other forms as you want. If you want you can create a complete administration form collection to your database. You get not only an insert form but an update and delete form as well as a data list page with search / filtering possibility.

PHP Form Builder

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Form Builder is a software that allows you to create a contact form for your site. Its very easy to integrate, you only need to load the form_builder folder to your site and its ready to be used. Just choose the fields that you want in your form, give it a name, a receiver email address, save it and thats it.
This software includes:
Login system for an administrator to create the form.
Jquery validation for the created form.
Captcha verification, to avoid robots.
An upload field to obtain from users files or images.
No need of MySql database.
An automatic script to implement the form in diferent pages.
The form name, receiver email address and instructions fields so you can especified each one with your information.
A clean and friendly design that will make it easier for you to create yor forms.

Form Creator

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Sick of building your forms for your website, get the Form Creator and you will create forms in minutes. Completely AJAX driven with a fall back if JavaScript is disabled! HTML5 and CSS3 valid forms for your website, create the form with the Form Creator and copy the provided code into your site. Integrated human verification system if you wish so and you can create a form for HTML or PHP files!
- jQuery/AJAX based html5/css3 forms
- Create select, radio, input and textarea fields
- Individual Email Address for each form
- Individual Thank You message for each form
- HTML or PHP forms
- Human verification system integrated
- PHP Mail() for delivering the message
- Language file based

Drag and Drop Contact Form Generator

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Contact Form Generator is a powerful form builder that enables you to create the most elegant forms in less than a minute without writing a single line of code.
- Create elegant and unique forms for your website
- Every detail of your form is customizable
- It’s quick and easy to install
- It will make your contact form perfectly match your website’s identity
- Key features include
- Full customization of your form design (color, typography, size, field type)
- Instant email notifications (admin notication + user notification)
- Custom confirmation and error messages
- Anti-spam protection
- Contact form archives
- Drag and drop form building interface

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