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Executable and spam filter CGI Send Mail script

Executable and spam filter CGI Send Mail script

Price: FREE

Email Virus filter - Sendmail, Milter, Perl.
This one will refuse executable attachments in emails (uncompressed or zipped) during the SMTP connection. Also will check the text and header fields of the email according to the regexps you define. This filter protects our mailboxes about 100,000 times a day.

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CAPTCHA Form to Email

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › CGI and Perl Captcha Forms

Simple, secure form to email php script. Send the contents of any form, and have them emailed to an address of your choosing. Anti-Spam tools - domain blocking, max uses per day, and captcha help fight spam. * Templates that allow you to fully integrate the script into your website. * Custom Messages and Error Codes. You can edit your error codes and messages so you can personalize every aspect of this script. NO annoying "script written by: " tagged at the end of your messages or embeded into your webpages. * Maximum uses per day feature! Help prevent spam and abuse by only allowing x-amount of uses to your website per day. *Block Domain Name extentions. Block .ru,.tk, domain or other domain name extentions to help cut down spam or target your geographic location. * Optional CAPTCHA function. * Form generator will automatically generate forms for you. Form Examples with plug and play code. * Send Email via SMTP or standard PHP mail() function.

24 Mail with Spam Protection

Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › CGI and Perl Forms

24 Mail can be used to email only a certain person (as a feedback for the webmaster) or to allow anyone to email someone. One of its quite unique features is that you can send an email to several people simultaneously. Unlike many other form processors out there this script has quite a good protection. It validates email addresses and fields and sets cookies for spam protection. 24 Mail is totally template driven, which means that you can easily customize it without knowing any PHP.

Mail under pseudonym

Free: Yes
Tags: Web Services › CGI and Perl Web-based Emailing

It is a free spam protected mail service. Only a human, not a robot, is able to send you a mail and your e-mail address remain unknown for senders. They know only pseudonyms of e-mail addresses called mt-addresses. After you have chosen a mt-address, you can publish it, even on web, without a thought on spam. Mail is created through the site web form and directed to your ordinary e-mail address. There is a possibility to add your ad, description into The Adaptive Directory and to search it by up to 12 keywords. At any moment you can: add new mt-addresses having one login and password; change, delete mt-addresses; change the ad, description for public; hide or open the ad, description for public; on/off search with keywords; stop getting mail for a certain address; allow or disallow getting mail without e-mail addresses.

MIMEmail: Send MIME emails

Free: Yes
Tags: CGI and Perl › Web-based Emailing

If you want to send HTML mails including images and stylesheets, or want to attach files - this script is for you. Images and files will be included into the mail body and will be sent to the recipient(s). MIME mails (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) can consist of more than just plain text.
What's the benefit? Once the recipients got your e-mail, they don't need to be online to see the images or load the stylesheets, since they are included in the mail body. So one benefit is that your e-mails can be viewed offline at any time, and the second is that all the included images and stylesheets will not be loaded from your server every time somebody opens your e-mail, like they would if you just linked them. This means less traffic for your server, and no more missing files.

E-mail protektor : Email Address Encryption

Free: No
Tags: JavaScript › CGI and Perl Emailing

E-mail protektor is a small javascript that allows you to put encrypted e-mail addresses on your website. This way you can publish any e-mail address right on your website and never worry about spam again.
We have developed many unique features that set e-mail protektor apart from many similar free or commercial scripts:
both the e-mail address and the script are encrypted
each script is generated with a unique decryption ID
as each e-mail is encrypted with a different key, spam bots will never be able to decrypt them
e-mail protektor encrypts only the e-mail address so you have the freedom to use it as you wish
it works with WYSIWYG editors
easy integration into any static (html) or dynamic (php,asp,jsp...) websites.

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How To Log Emails Sent With PHP's - Detect Spam

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If you are running a webserver you might have faced the problem already: somewhere on your server is a vulnerable contact form or CMS system written in PHP that gets abused by spammers to send emails trough your server. If you have more than a few websites, it is a pain to detect which of the sites is vulnerable and sends the spam emails. This tutorial explains the installation of a small wrapper script which logs email messages sent trough the PHP mail() function.

Spam Bully spam filter StampLogo

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How to make a logo for SpamBully.

Stop Spam with htaccess

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Preventing your e-mail that you placed on your site from being found by spammers is very hard. Some have even taken their e-mail addresses off their sites and replaced them with contact forms to prevent this. Here is a neat .htaccess method to help put a stop to this. This will stop many of the 'bots' or e-mail collecting softwares from sucking e-mail addresses from web pages and adding them to their spam lists.

Form Mail via CDONTS

Free: Yes
Tags: ASP › CGI and Perl Emailing

Learn how to send mail using the power of ASP. ASP gives you the power to send mail using the "CDONTS" mail object. This script will send an email from a user to whichever email address you choose.

Perl with Databases Tutorial

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Introduction To CGI
Basic Perl Syntax Guide - Variables: scalars, arrays, hashes.
Basic Perl Syntax Guide Control Structures and Conditional Statements
Accessing The File System Using Perl
What is CGI, and what do I need to know about it to program in it?
Using CPAN modules to save coding time/complexity, namely
CGI Scripting methodology, the application modes approach
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