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TaffyDB for Faster Data Processing

TaffyDB for Faster Data Processing

Price: FREE

TaffyDB is an opensouce library that brings database features into your JavaScript applications.
How you ever noticed how JavaScript object literals look a lot like records? And that if you wrap a group of them up in an array you have something that looks a lot like a database table? TaffyDB is a libary to bring powerful database funtionality to that concept and rapidly improve the way you work with data inside of JavaScript.
What makes it sticky
Extremely fast
Powerful JavaScript centric data selection engine
Database inspired features such as count, update, and insert
Robust cross browser support
Easily extended with your own functions
Compatible with any DOM library (jQuery, YUI, Dojo, etc)

Visit publisher's web-site: TaffyDB for Faster Data Processing

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Form Processing, with optional Auto-Response

Free: Yes

Form Processing Made Easy! Unlitmed amount of fields can be used. The data is formated and sent to you, with the value of field = input from user. The auto-resonse is sent to the user submiting the form, this is a good check if they inlcuded a vaild email address. NEW - You can now sort and set requied fields!

VeriSignup: Integrate Credit Card Processing Functionality

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Ajax Credit Cards E-Commerce

VeriSignup allows you to integrate Verisign's PayFlowLink credit card processing functionality right into your own website! Accept your customers' credit card information and securely post the transaction to Verisign in the background. Your customer never has to leave your site. Instantly know whether a transaction was approved or declined.

AuthorizeIt: Credit Cards Processing

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Ajax Credit Cards E-Commerce

AuthorizeIt allows you to integrate's credit card processing functionality right into your own website! Accept your customers' credit card information and securely post the transaction to in the background, without your customer ever leaving your site.
AuthorizeIt is provided as a function which is intended to be included within your existing script.
It accepts the transaction data (customer's details, order amount, description, and invoice number) as arguments, sends the transaction details to the gateway, and returns an array of response codes. You then test the response code to determine whether or not the transaction was successful.

Web Forms Processing ASP Script

Free: No
Tags: ASP › Ajax Forms

The Absolute Form Processor is a powerful tool for processing your web based HTML forms. You dont have to waste time developing server code, validation rules , form mailers or auto responders for your web forms, this application does all this for you.
The Absolute Form Processor is more than a FormMailer system, it can process any HTML form submitted to it by validating the integrity of the information sent according to your requirements, saving the collected data to a database, working as a form mailer by forwarding the information to anyone and even sending autoresponses to the user upon the form submission!
- Contact Form
- Web Survey Form
- Online Contest Form
- Subscription form
- Newsletter Subscription Form

MailBee.NET Queue - Send Emails Faster

Free: No
Tags: ASP.NET › Ajax Emailing

MailBee.NET Queue helps applications send e-mails faster by means of the background delivery. Instead of actual sending, your application can just write all the e-mails as .EML files into a certain folder, and MailBee.NET Queue will do the rest.
Internally, Windows service of MailBee.NET Queue monitors that disk folder, picks up all .EML files other applications submit to it, and sends them out through SMTP server. To feed the pickup folder, you can use any tool capable of producing .EML files, including MailBee.NET Objects and MailBee Objects products.

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Processing Form

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Ajax

I would like to create a form that has a label that changes as each second passes. So for instance, it would say Processing. and then the next second - Processing. and then the next second = Processing.

Ways of doing Image Processing

Free: Yes

The Windows GUI is standing upon two pillers. Vector Graphics and Bitmap Graphics. Being quite difficult to manage, Vector Graphics are always very painful to handle but the possiblities are nearly impossible to find a limit. Where as Bitmaps are concerned, they are heavy Windows objects ( though DIBs are not ). Since the arrival of electrifying GUIs in the Windows, the interest of programmers towards Image Processing has awfully increased. This article shall tell you how to do it and how to make it work faster.

data on same worksheet faster?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Ajax

Does it make a difference in size of the workbook to put data all on same sheet?
It would be easier for me to organize on separate worksheets but I am try to keep the size down as much as possible to emailing sake.

Count Function?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Ajax

Please look at Tab 1 of the attached, currently sorted by column C - 'Facility'.
Can you help me with a formula, perhaps in column A?
I am trying to ascertain how many modules (column B) each individual 'Facility' is utilizing
The Modules are as Follows:
Census Processing
E Refill Processing
Destructions Processing
Discharge Processing
Returns Processing
Issue Resolution Processing
Reject Resolution processing
Open to anything, if a 'Count If' function is not appropriate.

ISValidator: Data Validation, Modeling and Processing

Free: Yes
Tags: Java › Ajax JSP Validation

ISValidator is a Java routines for data processing, developing tree functions:
- Validation
- Model
- Processing
These different functionalities have been designed so that they can be independent one of the others. This means that if, for example, only the functionality of validation is needed it is not necessary to use the other two. With this philosophy one is able to develop a fit program to the concrete necessities.
The situation that allows to solve these routines is handling data like for example
- Management of Web forms
- Management of parameters of Servlets/JSP
- Management of arguments of command line programs
- Generic data management

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