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Undefined function 'replace' in expression

Undefined function 'replace' in expression

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I am having problems running the "replace" function from a query in MS-Access 2000. This works for one workstation and doesn't work on another workstation. We re-installed MS-Access 2000 on the workstation that is having the problem. I did researched the issue in this website and read the solution that was posted. However, this did not work. Does anyone know of another solution.

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Undefined Function 'replace' In Expression

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When trying to create an ODBC link for a pivot table in Excel to a query in my Access database, I get the error [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Undefined Function 'Replace' in expression. I know I can change the query into a make table query and base the pivot on that instead. But, is there an alternative that would allow me to keep it based on a query so it remains dynamic?

Undefined function 'functionName in expression

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I'm using Access 2010 and created a module with VBA called "XXXXX" (not it's real name) and the module contains one function of the same name. In Query design mode, I can click on functions and find it, but when I try to run the query, I get the error msg: "Undefined function 'XXXX' in expression. In reading other postings, I have tried the references issue and that doesn't apply.

Excel Query Help Needed "Replace" error

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I'm pulling information into Excel from Access to plot a defect pie chart. The query in Access contains the following IIF statement.
Def Comp: IIf(InStr("," & Replace([Initial Test Failure Codes]," ","") & ",",",2,")>0,1,0)
When I go to pull it in through the Excel Query Wizard I get the following Error Message:
Undefined function 'Replace" in expression.

Undefined Function in Query

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I am trying to create a Pivot table off of a Access Database Query but when I select the Query I want to use It is giving me an error saying "Undefined Function in Query" what am I doing wrong. is there a way I need to write my custom functions so that Excel won't FREAK out on me.

says function is undefined

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Function NumbMonth(Table)
For I = 1 To 5 Step 1
Value = WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Date, Table, 4 + I)
Number(i) = WorksheetFunction.Month(Value)
If Number(i) > Number(i - 1) Then
Count = Count + 1
Next I
NumbMonth = Count
End Function
when I try to run this function it returns function is undefined?

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