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RunSavedImportExport Macro Action

RunSavedImportExport Macro Action

Price: FREE

You can use the RunSavedImportExport action to run a saved import or export specification that you created by using the Import Wizard or the Export Wizard.

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Hourglass Macro Action

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Macros

You can use the Hourglass action to change the mouse pointer to an image of an hourglass (or another icon you've chosen) while a macro is running. This action can provide a visual indication that the macro is running. This is especially useful when a macro action or the macro itself takes a long time to run.

RunMacro Macro Action

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Macros

You can use the RunMacro action to run a macro. The macro can be in a macro group.
You can use this action:
-To run a macro from within another macro.
-To run a macro based on a certain condition.
-To attach a macro to a custom menu command.

Echo Macro Action

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Macros

You can use the Echo action to specify whether echo is turned on. For example, you can use this action to hide or show the results of a macro while it runs.

SingleStep Macro Action

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Macros

You can use the SingleStep action to pause macro execution and open the Macro Single Step dialog box.

CancelEvent Macro Action

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Macros

You can use the CancelEvent action to cancel the event that caused Microsoft Office Access 2007 to run the macro containing this action. The macro name is the setting of an event property such as BeforeUpdate, OnOpen, OnUnload, or OnPrint.

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Must Have Action Items

Free: No
Tags: CFML › Access Groupware

Integrates with our Web Calendar v3.3 and v 4 Systems Can be purchased as a bundle with other applications for a great deal. ALL unencrypted SOURCE Code! Assign users to Tasks/Projects Assign actions by Task/Project Assign users to a Action Item Task. Users will only see action items that are in the task they are assigned to. Users Must Login to use the Action Item System. Action Items can have the following: Lead user , Assignee User , Status , Date Assigned , Date Due , Date Completed , Project/Task Type, Subject , Description , Upload Attachments , Sub Actions... Each sub action can have most of the same attributes as a action. Can be related to a old action item for a "lessons learned reference" Search Action Items by Task Search Action Items by Date Search Action Items by Lead Runs on CF Server 4.5 or higher. OPEN SOURCE CODE. Easily make this fit with you current web site "look and feel". Requires cold fusion server

Professional Snow Maker

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Access Effects

Bubble particles, ideal for a nice background with nice movement, Action Script (Action Script well commented)
Really easy to customize, short and very easy Action Script code.
Build on one frame for you to drag and drop.
Really easy to modify well commented.
You can Customize the following settings

Premium Buttons

Free: No
Tags: CSS › Access Buttons

Premium Web Buttons featuring sleek looks, ease of customization and editing and call-to-action. I have provided 12 pre-defined colors. You can create your own colors using the .PSD and mouse states action generator Photoshop Action that delivers the hover and active state layered PSD for you! Full Documentation is included inside.

Web Based Project Management

Free: No
Tags: ASP › Access Documents

Action Item Manager is an Intranet/Extranet application that helps you document action items, track assignments, and stay informed about progress. It also lets you plan ahead - knowing the capacity of your resources -, and it allows you to organize the rapidly growing amount of data so that mission-relevant information can be found quickly.
You can use it to manage a product development team, catalog software defects, collaborate with external resources, document meeting minutes, track status, time and expenses, assign tasks based on available capacity, and communicate the all important "where do we stand" to upper management.
To run Action Item Manager you need Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later, Internet Information Services with Classic ASP enabled, and some form of MS SQL Server (including the Express versions). On the client side you need a web browser that runs Flash Player 9.x or later.

Two Levels Menu 08-XML Driven

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Access Menus

- two levels menu
- horizontal & vertical menu
- XML driven make it easy to control
- with sound effect
- Span size between menus in xml item
- Round corner size of each menu in xml item
- Turn on the sound effect or turn off in xml item
- Load url page or frame of Movieclip in xml item
- Amount of Gradient color size in xml item
- Vertical or horizontal menu style in xml item
- The text color of main menu in xml item
- Rolling over text color of sub menu in xml item
- Rolling out text color of sub menu in xml item
- MaxWidth and Maxheight can be set in action script
- Margin size of menus in action script
- The alignment of mainmenu or submenu in action script
- A movie clip can be loaded into a variable in action script

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