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Resetting an AutoNumber Field

Resetting an AutoNumber Field

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During testing a database design you may find that you have included a lot of dummy values, but then want the counters to be reset when you deliver the application.

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Resetting a Microsoft Access 2003 AutoNumber Field

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Tables and Relationships

"When you delete the last record or records in a table or in a form that has an AutoNumber field, and then you compact the database, the AutoNumber field does not start at the next higher number when you add new records."

Setting the value of Microsoft Access AutoNumber Field

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Queries

By using an append query, you can change the starting value of an AutoNumber field in a table to a number other than 1.
Microsoft Access always numbers AutoNumber fields beginning with the number 1. If the table has data in it already, the starting value of the autonumber will be higher than the highest value already in the table. You cannot manually edit an AutoNumber field or change its starting value.

Find next incremental value for an AutoNumber field

Free: Yes

I'm using Access 2003/XP/2000/97 and VB6 as the front-end. I need to get the next value in the AutoNumber field before inserting the next record using SQL. How can I find out what the next value will be in an AutoNumber field?

To append a field of autonumber into a new table

Free: Yes
Tags: Access ›

I have the field called subject_id which is autonumber in the form of 10001,10002,.. And I want the field with the same format to appear in another table. But appending it leads to different numbering, i.e. the filed becomes 1, 2, .. instead of 10001, 10002 as I've formatted it in its original table. How could I append/copy such a field?

Creating autonumber field with Make Table Query

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Queries

I have a make table query that I would like to add an autonumber field to. I want to automate this, so I do not want to go into the table manually after creating it.

I know you can add fields to a query that are placeholders for eventual updates, for example putting: NBR:0 in a query grid will create a field of the numerical (long integer I think) datatype.

Is there anyway to do this for the autonumber field. Obviously in this case it wouldn't be a placeholder waiting to receive data, I would like it to add data to the field: auto enumerate the records which are transferred to the new table.

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PowerField: tuned search field

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Tags: Flash › Access Search

PowerField is a tuned search field. Except from the default search capabilities, Powerfield can also solve mathematical equations, convert between different units and currencies and used as a launcher too!
Main idea:
Search is something which we can not live without ant this is the main reason why every web-page, blog, service and program has a text field for this purpose!
As everything evolves, this textfield has to evolve too. Why do I have to leave a webpage in order to calculate a total or in order to make a currency conversion?
Why I cant do those easy but valuable operations in the same textfield I use for searching? The answer to this question is PowerField!

PickList: transfer items from one field <select> to another

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Tags: JavaScript › Access Forms

PickList creates two form selection fields, and allows the user to easily transfer items from one field to another via "back" and "forth" buttons. Copy multiple selections at once by holding down the Ctrl button.

Get / Post Method Form Submission

Free: No
Tags: CGI and Perl › Access Forms

GET or POST methods of form submission script developed using perl. Free utility script with which you can get the form field values while submitting a webpage, either using 'GET' / 'POST' method.
a) Free Form Submission Script using perl.
b) POST method in perl is used whenever there is a need to get form field values after submitting a web page, the page will be submitted(loaded) and then you can access the form field value.
d) GET method in perl is used whenever there is a need to get form field values from url. The method access form field values from the url.
f) Simple and easy to use.

ECPT: Bonus Meta Field Types Add-On

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Access WordPress Plugins

This is an add-on plugin for the Easy Content Types plugin for WordPress. Easy Content Types is an extremely powerful plugin that allows you to create unlimited post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes in your Wordpress website. Bonus Meta Field Types add-on provides 6 additional meta field types that you can use when creating meta boxes with Easy Content Types.
The additional meta fields are:
- Taxonomy Select: provides a drop down of all registered taxonomies
- Menu Select: provides a drop down of all registered navigation menus
- Color Picker: provides a color picker you can use to easily choose any color
- Google Map: render a google map of a specified address
- Header: display a text header with description to create sections in your meta box
- Separater: display a separator line between your meta fields to clean everything up and make it easier to read
Along with the additional meta field types, this add-on plugin also provides three new short codes that can be used in conjunction with the new meta fields...

Validation: only numbers and alphabets are allowed

Free: Yes
Tags: JavaScript › Access Validation

Validates an input field to make sure that only a number or character is entered. If you enter a number or a letter everything you can continue on. But, try entering another value like an exclamation point (!), an ampersand (&), or a dollar sign ($) and see what happens. It even highlights the incorrect entry field for you

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