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Query help with parameters

Query help with parameters

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I currently have a query that runs a start date and end date in it for numbers on testing. Trying to see if there is a way to restrict it to where I only get one record per CACID(different field) for that date period. I cant figure a way to do it.

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Add query parameters in with vbCode?

Free: Yes
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I am working on a db where I have a query updated with parameters on a form. I need to collect the recordset out of this query to email. My function does pull the data as long as I don't have any parameters set inside of query. Can someone help me with the code to set the parameters in the query? I keep getting Error "Too few parameters. Expected 1." Here are the codes I am using...

Remove parameters from a query

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When I try to open my query, I'm asked for a parameter value. How can I remove all parameters from a query?

Executing Stored Procedures Within MS Query

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Access

I'm trying to retrieve data from Microsoft SQL Server To Microsoft Excel using MS Query (MSQRY32.EXE).
I want my end user to be able to change parameters in the query.
When I use parameters in the where clause (for example: WHERE XX=?) I get the data successfully, BUT when I try to use parameters in Stored Procedures I always get the same message : "Parameters are not allowed in queries that can't be displayed graphically".
I tried MS Query Help, and it says I suppose to run the procedure with hard coded values instead of parameters, save it, and then change the parameters to "?" (See image for details), BUT I GET THE SAME MESSAGE.

Passing parameters to Access Query

Free: Yes
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I am trying to pass 2 parameters (adDate) to a parameterized query in MS Access. I have tried a range of different things but can't get the syntax down. could someone point me in the right direction?

using data range in excel as parameters in query

Free: Yes
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I have a query that pulls customer #'s and sales info from a MS query. I would like to select certain customers from the query by having a column(data range) in XL that contains just the cuts #'s that I want. Kind of like right clicking on the query sheet and telling it to use parameters from the sheet. The only problem with this is that you can only choose 1 cell. I would like to select a range of cells containing the cust# that I want.

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Menu button Component using a 3D rotating bar. Customization of bar fill, outline, masking and color visual possible through large list of component parameters. Everything in vector. Easy to use, works by drag&drop and set text.
Customization of Bar 3D Button component parameters; Explanation of what parameters do on Included Readme file.

DTM Query Reporter: Reporting Tool for Database Query

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DTM Query Reporter is a reporting tool for database query. The program creates reports in RTF, XML, HTML, CHM, PDF, Excel or plain text formats and supports all common database interfaces - ODBC, OLE DB, IDAPI or Oracle Call Interface. This utility helps technical writers, developers and database administrators create a report based on database query within seconds.

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Query Builder is a brand-new solution for quick creation of queries and extended data management. It allows you to effortlessly create any complex queries, which you could not create before.
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A script to traverse a html form in the page, then generate the Insert SQL query and submits it to the server side script using Ajax. Useful in scenarios where many forms with a large number of input fields are involved.

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This .Net component allows any application to query DNS A, NS, CNAME, SOA, PTR, HINFO, MX, TXT, AAAA records. DNS component source code is also included. Component comes with help files and sample application.

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