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Create or remove a primary key

Create or remove a primary key

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Every table in your database should have a primary key a field or set of fields with a unique value for each record stored in the table. You can use the primary key to identify and refer to each record.
Access can automatically create a primary key field for you when you create a table, or you can specify the fields that you want to use as the primary key. This article explains how and why to use primary keys.
One of the reasons to create a primary key is to use it to create table relationships.

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Remove the Primary Key

Free: Yes

A primary key in a relational database uniquely identifies each record. To remove the primary key in Access 2003, you first must familiarize yourself with the program's basic functionality. Read on to learn more.

How to Remove the Primary Key

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Primary Key SQL

Remove the primary key only if you're sure you won't need relationships between the tables in your database. Remember, you can only run queries on tables that have been joined in a relationship. These instructions are for Access 97.

Primary and Foreign key constraints

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Tables and Relationships

A primary key is a field or combination of fields that uniquely identify a record in a table, so that an individual record can be located without confusion.
A foreign key (sometimes called a referencing key) is a key used to link two tables together. Typically you take the primary key field from one table and insert it into the other table where it becomes a foreign key (it remains a primary key in the original table).

How to Determine Which Primary Key Type to Use

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Gettings Started Primary Key

By using a primary key to uniquely identify each record stored in each table, you can instruct Microsoft Access to find and group together information stored in various tables. There are three types of primary keys: AutoNumber, single-field and multiple-field. These instructions are for Access 97.

Set or Change the Primary Key

Free: Yes
Tags: Access › Primary Key SQL

The Access application uses the primary key to identify each item in a database table. When you set or change the key, you modify the ID number that the program uses to match records from one table to another. Here's how to set or change the key.

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API Validation Key Generator

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Access Validation

This is a PHP5 class that will allow you to generate a key for an specific user and validate it. In the features, there are:
- It generates a 25 characters key
- You can change the length of the key that will be generated (default 25)
- You can set what characters do you want in the key (Default A-Z a-z 0-9 !@^$*()_+)
- You can set the file where will be saved the users/keys
- The key comes with rawurlencode(), this will allow you to pass the key trough an URL
- The system doesnt duplicates keys or usernames! If the entered username is repeated, the system will just return the existing key of the respective user
- You can use this wherever you want (Integration is too easy)
- You dont need database! And if you want, you can integrate this into a database
The finality is that you can easy implement this class to your API and allow the controlled use of it. With this class you only generate and validate keys, allowing to add whatever you want. For example, in the validating file you can save in a database each petition and control them!

DTM Data Editor: Database Management Software

Free: No
Tags: Software › Access Databases

DTM Data Editor is a data viewer and editor for database professionals who are tired of wasting their time on mundane tasks. The program uses form-based interface and works with any ODBC, IDAPI and OLE DB data source. SQL statements are generated automatically and can by modified later. For data that has foreign key - primary key relation, there are options to enter values manually or select them from a list, which is much faster.
Supports most popular desktop formats (Access, Paradox, DBF and Excel) as well as simultaneous connections using ODBC, OLE DB or Oracle Call Interface.
Smart search, filtering and sort functions help you to customize data presentation for more comfortable work.
Data Editor allows you to save individual settings for each database table.
The program supports Export, Preview and Import for Large objects (BLOBs).
DTM Data Editor is a true Win32 application, supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Server 2003/2008.

Stores all of your software keys

Free: No
Tags: Software › Access Security

Key Manager is a simple application that stores all of your software keys (serials) in one central location which can be easily filtered. It provides a simple interface to add new, update existing and delete old keys.
The software has options for backing up the database and restoring from older versions. The software runs off a standalone database and has no external requirements other than the .net framework.

Remove Browser Redirect other Malwares

Free: No
Tags: Software › Access AntiVirus Redirection

Is your PC/browser being hijacked and keeps redirecting to some other websites you are not aware of. FixBrowserRedirect(tm) enables you to remove hijacked Internet browser and Google/Bing/Yahoo search engine redirect viruses out of the box. It includes free removal tools, how-to video tutorials and textual walk-through guides to remove any Internet browser hijacked redirect virus, search engine redirect virus and Webmail redirect virus.

Hash Key Generation & Verification

Free: No
Tags: PHP › Access User Authentication

This script is a simple PHP script that will allow you to generate invitation keys and verify them when for example, registering an user. Usage is VERY simple.
Features: Unlimited Unique keys can be generated (They will never collide with each other). Cannot be cracked or keygened. Unique salt to protect the keys.

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